December 10, 2016-Happy 7th Birthday (party) Campbell!

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  • Our alarms started dinging earlier than normal this morning-definitely earlier than they do on weekdays. Reagan had to be at church at 8 this morning to go to Monticello with her preteen church group. 
  • Robby took her and it sounded like she had a good day. They did the same performance that they did for big church last week and were able to help pass out presents for the kids at the Children's Home there. Reagan did note that a few of the girls were very meticulous about keeping their wrapping paper and even their ribbon. We tried to explain to her that it was because that child had nothing at all that was their own nor did they have a mom that could pick up some paper or whatever for them when she went to the store. She, of course, didn't really grasp the magnitude of all of that. But she did have a good time and enjoyed riding home with Alyssa Kate for a bit before they came back to our house to celebrate Campbell's birthday.
  • As soon as Robby did leave with Reagan this morning, I started working on the kitchen. The entire time I was cursing myself for planning 2 parties back to back. I was wondering whatever were we thinking-now (tonight after everything is over) I am thinking that it was a pretty grand idea. 
  • I felt like we were scrambling around all morning but I guess we did get everything accomplished. Around noon, Robby left with all of the kids, except Whitman, to run an errand and then head to Graham's basketball game. I left soon after him and we headed to Micheal's. The line was horrendous but my Whitman did great-of course, as usual he was my entertainment. When I told him that we had to stand in line, he proceeded to walk right up to the man in front of us and stand with his nose inches from the man's rear end. I tried to explain to him that is not how we stand in line when we aren't at school and went on to tell him that those people were strangers. 
  • Whitman was indeed entertaining. This morning, Robby told him that he was going to wring his neck and Whitman shot back, "you can't. I'm not a bell." Later in the day, when we climbed into my car he told me that he "just loved the Kawanza."
  • After we did wait in our line, we rushed to Immanuel to watch Graham's basketball game. He was so excited and his game was very good. He scored once (ask him and he will say 3 times) and when he did our cheering section went nuts. They have a pretty strong player on his team so they ran up the score against the other team. Graham had a great time playing today.
  • When his game was over, we had an hour long break. The kids ran around the racketball court some and soon it was Anderson's turn. They also did really good and he made a shot. They were pretty far behind but then caught up but still lost by 4 points. Anderson also really enjoyed the day.
  • As soon as the games were over, I threw the girls in the car and we sped home. I had a myriad of things to do before it was party time. Pops came over to help with the ham and cheese croissants and it wasn't long before we had a house full of people again tonight.
  • Campbell wanted a cake decorating party and I often wasn't sure if I had lost my mind to let this be her choice but it worked out just great. Nonna, Pops and Jason were the first ones here followed by Dana, Lilly, Cash, Grannymom, Grandpa, Laynie, Brett, Athena, Adaline and all of the Heltz girls. The total for this party was 26. That was down a few from Anderson's party but the noise level was exponentially lower. It was almost wired comparing the two groups-it is amazing the different between girls and boys.
  • The first thing that we did was play a baking bingo and then we ate supper. Ham and cheese croissants were on the menu for tonight. Then it was time for a cake walk in the mud room. Everyone did receive a cake when they one-a Little Debbie cake. While they were doing this, we prepared the kitchen for the cake decorating.
  • The kids really, really enjoyed making the cakes. They worked and worked on icing theirs. Some of them were very meticulous while others, not so much. I had 5 different colors of icing and lots of fondant for them to make shapes with and I believe that some of the kids could have decorated for another hour or two.
  • Then we had presents and Campbell racked up. She received quite a few things off of her list and is already working on her pillow from Grannymom and is carrying around her new backpack bag. 
  • Next up was cupcakes and my girl just grinned and grinned while everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. Of course, just like last night, Reagan played the piano while we sang. Campbell didn't even eat all of her cupcake-I am pretty sure that she was already full from all of that icing.
  • When the party was over, Robby let the kids watch a long movie while we sat down and played for a few minutes. Since the kids are still watching their movie, I am pretty sure that they will not want to go bed in a few minutes-but I sure will!  

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