December 16, 2016

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  • Friday morning around here and I didn't have to worry about getting my littles off to school so it was a bit more relaxed. Whitman did join me in bed this morning and after laying with me for a little bit, he walked to the light switch. I didn't think that there was any way he could turn it on but sure enough he did and I was blinded by my lights.
  • It is just amazing how quickly my people are growing. Not only can Whitman reach the light switch now but when Robby measured everyone the other day, Anderson and Campbell had grown inches in the past few months. Graham hadn't grown too much but Reagan has shot up lately. Soon I will have people taller than me.
  • School was a bit louder than usual since Keaton and Whitman were with us today. Poor Keaton fussed about every single thing, every thing. I just sat and watched her for a bit at one point and wondered if she would make it here next year for kindergarten. I just have to assume that she doesn't really feel 100 percent and that is the reason for her fussing.
  • After we worked together, I made everyone do chores and it did take us a bit longer than usual since the last chore was to sort the legos. It is just something that must be done occasionally. Graham started off well and finished well but still only worked 50 percent of the time. Anderson and Campbell, who I think both might have a touch of ADD, worked about 30 percent of the time. Keaton sorted for 75 percent of the time-even though it was still at a 5 year old level. But my Reagan, my rock, worked the entire time. Not only did I tell her how much I appreciated her, I also showed her where my cookie stash was.
  • We then had lunch but before I could fix it, the kids saw the neighbors out and everyone but Whitman and Reagan went outside. I told them to come back inside in a few minutes so they could eat but they must have remembered that they had school work left because while they ate their lunch, the worked on their school work.
  • Soon though everyone but Whitman, who had picked our shorts and a tshirt to wear today, were playing outside. I occasionally had to know on the window to tell people to put on socks or put on a jacket. I am not sure exactly what makes you wear a tshirt and shorts outside when it is in the 30s but I can understand why we all have colds. When the boys did come in, they quickly asked me for some hot chocolate.
  • They had just migrated back outside when I called everyone home to head to Nonna and Pops' house. I volunteered them to keep everyone while we went to the grocery store. Since we were going to be out alone, we even went out to eat-possibly our first time to go out to eat by ourselves since Valentines. We picked Chilis and before 6 it was already crazy in there. We finally did get a table and ate-even though the food was good, we were reminded that eating out is just so overrated. 
  • Then we had to hurry through the grocery store but since most of my list was in the baking aisle, it didn't take that long. I swear I bought at least 20 bags of chocolate chip items. I probably should head right to the kitchen and start baking but I have to head to the garage after this blog is over to start sanding my Christmas project for the kids.
  • The kids had supper at Nonna and Pops' house and most had showers. I believe that I had a few that were a bit contrary over there but not too badly, I hope. Once at home, the kids stayed up for a little bit and then it was bedtime for the crew. Next week is a busy, busy week and we all need a bit of extra rest!

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