December 9, 2016-Happy 10th Birthday (party) Anderson!

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  • We had to fit school in this morning so we were up early. Whitman was even up before the girls and this morning he did climb into our bed which did make it more difficult for me to go ahead and get up. I then sent him upstairs to have him wake up the girls. He tried to wake them up by kissing them and turning on the light. Then he grabbed their microphone and started to sing. I suggested that he sing "The B-I-B-L-E" and he went to town singing away. It didn't take long for this to get my Reagan out of bed-that may become her normal wake up routine now.
  • The kids ate their breakfast and then we started on school. Since this was our 4th day of school this week, I only had to do one thing with each one and that made my work much easier. I was able to run around the house getting ready for tonight while answering questions, breaking up fights and reminding people to do their work.
  • Around 11:30, we started on our together work. Reagan and Anderson hadn't finished their school yet, so after we finished our work they went back to finish while the rest of us started on cleaning this house. We did some speed cleaning around this place and were able to eat by one. During lunch, I ran around straightening some more but did run back to the kitchen to read a book before everyone finished.
  • Then it was all hands on deck for a little bit until we had finished everything. I believe that Campbell was quite offended when I told my people that I didn't want to see or hear them for the next 2 hours. I didn't mean for her to get her feelings hurt but I needed to do some work in the kitchen by myself. Drama and tears followed all of this so I did relent and let her stay and watch me ice her cakes (her party is tomorrow so there is about 21 cakes that need to be iced.)
  • When I had finished with 2 batches of icing, Robby came home and started to question where I was going to put 21 iced cakes-hmm, that was an interesting question. My fridge did only have room for the cakes I had just iced so I stopped there and got myself ready for the evening. 
  • The rest of the afternoon just flew by and soon guests were arriving for Anderson's 10th birthday party. Pops and Nonna were the first ones-he came early to cut my tomatoes. Then Jason, Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilly and Cash along with Owen, Wyatt, Greyson, Peyton, Ethan, Brody, Noah, Liam, Andrew, Layne, and Brett. The Powells, Aaron, Erin and Wilsons were also there. It was a houseful!
  • The boys begin by having a lego memory game and then the demolished all of our taco salad. Robby had to cook some chicken so the last few adults in line could have some meat because 3 pounds of taco meat just was not enough. I do think that everyone left with a full-ish tummy though so that was good. 
  • Then the main event begin. The kids all had a few minutes to build a car and then we had races. They all really, really enjoyed this. My Whitman even got in on the act and when he his car went down the ramp, he started shouting "I'm a winner, you are a loser" over and over again (even though his car was no where close to winning.) I believe that this was Anderson's favorite thing-we even raced 2 other times.
  • Then it was cupcake time and Anderson was pretty proud of his cupcake stand that we had made together. While everyone ate cupcakes, Anderson begin opening his presents. He received lego set after lego set and the boy couldn't have been more excited. 
  • After he opened all of the presents, the kids continued making cars and racing them down the ramp. Finally, the guests started leaving and my clean up crew (the grands) did their job on my kitchen. It was still a late night but the kids helped clean up the place. The second load of dishes is in the wash now and early in the morning, it will look like another birthday party will soon be happening here!

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