December 2, 2016

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  • Waffles were on the menu for breakfast this morning and the kids ate and ate. When it was time to begin school, the kids went off towards their desks to begin. Things are always a bit crazier when Keaton and Whitman are here and today was no different.
  • My Graham was quick to push my buttons today during school. He can irritate me so-I do believe that it is because we are just alike! He gets so frustrated if he doesn't understand his school work and just doesn't yet know how to deal with the frustration. He eventually calmed down and things were back to normal.
  • Keaton stayed busy today working on her work from me. She actually only did one of my assignments but she did put the alphabet in order and even made Whitman help her. She also stayed busy working on her homework from Ms. Jennifer. Jennifer told Keaton to help Whitman learn to put on his coat like they do at school. So she worked with him on that-now, if we can only remember to make him practice that. 
  • At noon, we all stopped school and then started on our chores. We worked fast so we would have time for lunch-that's why we did chores before lunch! Once everything was finished and we were all dressed and ready, we had our lunch.
  • Soon after lunch, we headed to Sam's to ring the bell for the Salvation Army. Our homeschool buddies worked the kettle all day long and we had the 1:30 until 3:00 shift. The kids did really well smiling and wishing people a "Merry Christmas" for a good while. Then everyone lost interest! I am not sure if they were tired or if they noticed that there weren't as many shoppers at that time. Everyone had fun though and it is always surprising who gives money and how much people stick in that kettle. 
  • After we had finished our time slot, we walked through Sams for a bit-I was reminded that Sams is one of my favorite places! I took Campbell, Anderson and Graham to Walmart for a minute and it was like I was shopping with 3 Dwarfs-Sour, Noisy and Angry. (I will let you guess who was who.)
  • When we made it home, the kids went outside to play and remained outside until 7. Yes, it was dark, very dark. They were all in the neighbors front yard. We would walk outside every once in a while to hear them. When it was time to come home, Keaton had the big neighbor brother walk her home (even though she was with Campbell and Graham). 
  • They all had showers and then supper. After that we watched a bit of a baking show. We missed pulling our Santa chimney last night so we caught up tonight. The countdown to Christmas is on!

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