December 17, 2016

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  • Soon after we woke up this morning, Campbell, Whitman and I drove down the road to pick up a few doughnuts. When I gave the ladies my order, Campbell asked if we weren't getting any chocolate doughnuts. I hadn't ordered them this time but when Whitman piped in and said that he loved chocolate, I upped my order by one more dozen-this dozen was all chocolate.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa were at the house this morning to help install a new microwave in the kitchen. It hangs above the stove and looks like it has been there forever. While they were here, I laminated a few things and the girls did some painting. 
  • Before we really knew it, it was time for Graham and Robby to head out to his ball game. I knew that I was pushing it with my time but still made sure that the house was a bit picked up before we left. I loaded my people and jumped in the car to start it...and it didn't start. Robby called Tony for me and he was there in a flash to jump my car. Now, I guess tonight I will get a car jumping lesson-I have had one or two lessons before but I am not sure that they took.
  • We still made it to the game in plenty of time. Graham had a good game but lost by 2. He enjoyed himself and made a few shots and recovered quite a few rebounds. He was very excited that he made a buzzer beater shot. He later told me that he thought his dad didn't push the buzzer button until after he made the shot on purpose. I didn't even tell him that it was automatic.
  • During the break between the games, we ran to Arbys to pick up a bit of lunch. Then it was back to the courts for the next game. The team that Anderson was playing had many players that weren't there. So they scrimmaged which wasn't quite as exciting as a real game but Anderson still had a lot of fun. He made a few shots today and even had himself a buzzer beater.
  • When the game was over, Jason, Anderson and Graham headed off to see the new Star Wars movie. My boys were beyond excited about this and going to McDonalds on the way home helped them have a great evening. 
  • Back at the house, the kids played outside some and then I started working in the kitchen. Keaton and Whitman helped me make meringue kisses and Campbell helped me make a zillion pieces of chocolate candy.
  • We continued working in the kitchen cooking for tomorrow and the Wilson's came over to watch. Shannon and Tony helped Robby with his sausage balls and Shannon and I even ended up at the grocery store for her shopping trip. 
  • The kids spent most of the evening eating what we were making and watching tv. They enjoyed their lazy night and no one complained when they went to bed after 9. It was another good day here at the Dennie house.

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