Christmas Ornament Countdown 2016: 2 Days until Christmas

Robby and I visited Mount Vernon BK (before kids) which was quite a long time ago. I had been wanting to go back and visit but our last few trips to D.C. didn't leave us any time for side trips. During this years road trip, Robby ended up moving our departure time up a day or two so we would have time to make a Mount Vernon stop this year.

Here are the pictures and blog from that day. It was hot on our tour through George's house but it was still really great. Last time we weren't able to tour the house but this time we were. They had an online quiz and the kids had a big puzzle page to fill out as they learned about the property. 

When we had finished our tour, Robby left me in the gift shop with some of the kids. I found an ornament that was okay and I was about to purchase it when I saw this ornament. I worried that it was a bit too large so I did send a picture to Robby for him to okay. (Now if I am worrying that the ornament is too large then yes, the answer is probably yes, it is too large.) 

Obviously, he gave me the okay for it and I think my Mount Vernon is a pretty nice little ornament and fits in nicely on our tree!

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