December 28, 2016

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  • Our days of being lazy are coming to an end and that makes me pretty sad but we did do this day right-in bed until mid-morning, briefly picked up the house, errands, lunch with one set of grandparents, more errands, snack at the other set of grandparents, leftovers, games and tv and then bed. Short blog tonight!
  • Kidding, I guess I can write a bit more than that. We did sleep in pretty late this morning and again it was wonderful. We really tried to go back to sleep but just couldn't-probably because people were in and out of our bedroom the entire time. 
  • Before we left, we did do a few chores but some how didn't manage to get that laundry folded and put away. Seriously though, when I look at our laundry I am pretty sure that we must have more than 6 kids living at this house. 
  • Robby had ordered me an apple cider from Starbucks so I picked that up and then I ran into the library before we picked up pizzas for lunch. We ate at Grannymom's house and Lilly, Cash and Dana over to eat with us. The boys all ended up outside flying their drones while the girls played some volleyball. 
  • After a bit of playtime, it was back in the car. I jumped out at Walmart to do a return and then we were on to Kroger. By this time, Whitman was sound asleep. I carried him some in the store but eventually gave out. So we took Graham's sweatshirt off of him and laid Whitman down on it inside of the buggy. He slept the entire time there.
  • Even though the buggy was full of Whitman, we still managed to buy quite a few good deals leftover from Christmas. We even bought a Christmas puzzle for next year-I can not wait! Robby did make me check out in a separate line since most of our sale items didn't scan with the correct price in the store. 
  • We then ran to Nonna and Pops' house for a few minutes and I made some cookies for us to have as a snack-along with the Sonic drinks that we had just bought. The kids watched a tv show about Big Foot and I think they really think that there is one. 
  • Once at home, the kids watched some tv while we worked on heating up leftovers for super. Then we played a round or two of Hi Ho Cherrio along with Pie in the Face game. Keaton and Whitman would not play for anything when their was whip cream ready to splat their face. However, when we just used a wet sponge they were all over it and thought it was hysterical. 
  • Kids are still watching their last movie tonight and then we plan on sending them all to bed soon!

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