December 23, 2016-Dennie Family Circle

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  • Since we had let the kids stay up so late last night, we let them sleep as late as they wanted this morning. For my boys, that was still 7:00. What in the world? Who wakes up at the same time every day?-a weirdo, that's who! I am not sure when Whitman did wake up but I know around 8, Keaton burst into my room saying that Whitman was playing the guitar upstairs. She was in a panic and continued with "he is going to wake up that girl, whatever her name is." Poor Camryn was woken with a serenade from Whitman and my little girls could not get her name right all day long.
  • The kids did grab breakfast-the boys headed back to the couch and the girls headed upstairs with their food and that is pretty much where they all stayed most of the day long. Robby and I were busy-wrapping, painting a kid gift, getting food ready for tonight, laundry, sweeping, straightening even working our Christmas puzzle.
  • The kids eventually headed outside and played until they got hungry. They came in and ate and then were back outside until we called them in. Everyone took showers and then we loaded up for our Dennie Christmas.
  • I took the girls and Whitman to drop off Camryn and then we headed to the restaurant we ate at the other night. Keaton had left her purse there and thankfully, Campbell and her remembered that she left it there. It was a Mexican restaurant and I told Keaton that we had to run in and then run out so our clothe wouldn't be smelly. Once we made it back to the car, Campbell told me that she had told Keaton to try not to think about her purse in case we weren't able to get it back. Thankfully, they had her purse and we were back in the car quickly without smelling like the Mexican restaurant.
  • Robby and the boys grabbed some ice from Sonic and then arrived at Grannymom's house. By the time that we made it, everyone was already there. The house was full of people and the tree was loaded down with presents. Grannymom had little presents and we passed them around as she read Twas the Night Before Christmas. I ended up with a jar of skittles and Robby got a little picture frame. The kids all won different things-box of skittles, bottle of water, gum, box of oreos and the like.
  • There was a table full of goodies and we all ate and ate on them. Then we opened presents-the kids all racked up. All of the kids opened lots of presents-they all received money from Les and Shelley. Reagan piled all of her stuff up in a box and just kept looking at it tonight, Anderson wore his head lamp most of the evening, Graham was thrilled about his bag and clay, Campbell just loved all of her stuff, Keaton wore her mermaid blanket to bed and Whitman enjoyed his magna doodle. Grannymom drew my name and I opened up a pan, checkers,stuff for my cricut, tape for my label maker and my favorite gift-a gift certificate for babysitting! Grandpa had Robby name and he got a rain gauge/thermometer and ice for his yeti.
  • After we all opened presents, we ate again-soup and sandwiches. Then the kids started playing with all of their loot. The girls worked on making their pillows, Whitman played cars, I beat all of the boys on checkers. Eventually it was time to leave-my Whitman cried most of the way home since he didn't want the Christmas fun to end.
  • Once home, we all unloaded and the kids laid out their loot before we finally put them in bed. 

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