May 1, 2020

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  • I tried to get up early this morning to get started on school a tiny bit before usual-I didn't! Don't be shocked! We did move early enough for school to start at the regular time. The kids sped through most things since it was Friday. 
  • Reagan did some of her ACT work-we have quite a ways to go on that! Whitman did pretty well and only had a few pieces of work to do after lunch. By the time that it was actually lunch, Campbell and Keaton were gone and didn't come home until around 9 when I called them.
  • They hung out at the neighbor's house. They helped work in the garden, went to buy plants with them and even ate their supper over there.
  • Robby and Tony started to work around noon on the big shed project. They worked and worked getting things right so they didn't do a lot of boards today. Now after supper, they did go to town and get a 2 or 3 done in just about an hour.
  • I did some housework today and finished about the time that Shannon came over. The two of us eventually went to pick up Robby's car-which now has a perfectly working air conditioner. It is so cold that I had to turn it off!
  • Then I went to Kroger to do some shopping followed by picking up supper for everyone at Eat My Catfish. It took forever for me to get home-well, it seemed like it since I was starving. I did stick my hand in a container determined to eat whatever I pulled out. It was a hush puppy so that was a lot better than a handful of beans.
  • While we were running errands, the boys went to the Wilson's house. They had fun over there driving (carefully) on the 4 wheeler. They called me multiple times to make sure that I was okay with them riding on the 4 wheeler. I think that they were determined to call me until I answered them!
  • We all enjoyed our supper. Afterwards, the kids all went back outside. Robby and Tony did some more work while Shannon and I made a few dozen cookies. We filled up all of my cookie sheets and I even had dough left!
  • When the cookies were finished, we ran to the Wilson's house to watch them open up their Amazon boxes-this is what quarantine life has brought us too! Ha! We also did get a few packages today-4 new kid photobooks!
  • I am pretty sure that everyone was exhausted tonight when we went to bed! Robby worked hard all day on the shed, Campbell and Keaton played hard with the neighbors and Anderson and Graham played hard with Brett most of day!

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