May 6, 2020

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  • Robby started his day early this morning by putting 2 big hunks of meat on the grill. His meat smoked all day, and we did a lot of sitting around watching and smelling it. At one point, I even stood in front of the grill trying to get the smoke to blow on me, so my hair would smell like BBQ-quarantine goals!
  • We did our school this morning. The kids were delighted when Pops came over baring doughnuts for their second breakfast. Nonna was having back surgery at the time, and since he couldn't wait at the hospital, he dropped by to see us.
  • After he left, we went back to our school work. Reagan continues to breeze through her work right now and even finished one book today. I do think that next week's school will be even lighter than this week...except for Whitman whose school work will never end! (That is exactly the way he feels too!)
  • Jason stopped by to bring Anderson some Lego pieces that were shipped to Pops' house. This was pretty thrilling because Anderson was then able to finish a pretty large Lego set. He was waiting just on those pieces to arrive. We are steadily plugging along on those Legos-hopefully, we can finish some day.
  • The kids enjoyed showing off their new woods trail to Jason. They are loving riding their bikes through there. I will say that even though Graham is covered in calamin lotion right now, he will be back on that trail tomorrow. I am not sure if he has poison ivy or not, but he is already itchy. 
  • I do worry about poison ivy and snakes on their trail-but Anderson and Graham are spending so much time out there so I will have to say that it is a good thing. Maybe building your immunity up to poison ivy and some dirt and pollen is a good thing. Or maybe they should be wearing masks along with long socks and pants! 
  • This afternoon Robby and I watched his meat cook some, but we also worked on a box for me to plant a few veggies this summer. I have wanted to do this forever and am still a bit worried that the deer are going to eat my veggies....Whitman may have a new fun chore on his list-peeing by my garden.
  • Robby and I finished (minus the dirt and plants) just in time to chop up his first slab of meat. He pulled out that bone and we went to town-eating! Ha! We tried not to eat it since he was chopping it with the meat cleaver. It was too dangerous to sneak our fingers near his chopping!
  • We then went to the Wilson's house to do some walking. We walked a little bit while Anderson and Graham rode with Brett on the 4-wheeler. That made them supper happy!
  • Happy enough to forget that it was late and they were starving. It didn't help that Robby was on the phone for a good bit when we got home. We finally did chop up the second hunk of meat for our supper. We did devour it! Well, we didn't eat all of it since 5 pounds of meat is too much even for us Dennie's to eat in one meal.
  • It was after 9 when I finished cleaning the kitchen. The kids showered and went to bed around 10. Robby and I then worked in the garage for a while-it was nearly 11 when we finally came in. We even discovered a fun new project for tomorrow!

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