May 14, 2020

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  • Robby has been waking up early lately which causes him to get a it irritated at how perfectly wonderfully I can sleep in the mornings. I guess I would like to get up early and have a few things accomplished before things get crazy, but maybe I just like sleeping in!
  • We started work on our school this morning. My friends have all read a book that they recommended I read to the kids. I wasn't expecting it to be 400 pages long-yikes! I just added it to the pile and hopefully, we can finish it by the time school rolls back around again. 
  • I was finished with my school work by 11:30ish. I will say "my school work" since Anderson and Reagan both have needed help with their computer math lately. Reagan's is like a puzzle-sometimes I get it and other times I don't. They do have an explanation for the problems but sometimes I don't even understand them. Who knew I would still be doing geometry when I am 42 or am I 43?
  • Anderson and I worked on Legos today for a little bit. My goal is to get rid of all those tiny pieces-even if I had to surround the bonus room with bookshelves to hold the completed Legos. We were able to help Robby unload the car from his lunch time grocery store run. By the load of food in his truck, we definitely eat better during quarantine.
  • We did some more reading during the afternoon. Then from around 2-5 I usually can't remember about what I do during the day. I did help Robby on the shed some. After Tony came tonight to help, the roof does now look straight so all is well in shed world!
  • I made spaghetti for supper-well, I did some and Reagan did some too. We usually clean the pan so tonight, we doubled the recipe. I am not sure what happened tonight-I certainly hope that everyone did get supper-but we had a ton of leftovers.
  • I had my last Bible study tonight. We had to go through 2 different lessons so it took a bit. When it was over, the Wilson's were here for a bit. Once they left, it was soon shower time and bedtime for everyone. Tonight, Whitman is sleeping in Keaton's bed. Those two were so happy when I told them that they could share a bed tonight. Campbell, however, was not happy at all. She said that they talk way too much, but I think that maybe she was feeling a bit left out.

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