May 22, 2020

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  • Today was officially the last day of school for my Dennie kids. They have worked incredibly hard this year during school and have finished most things. Reagan and Anderson both have science that they did not finish, but I figure most public schools don't finish all of their textbooks so we will just stop where we are. Anderson and Graham both have one more week of their writing program so we are indeed going to finish that along with Whitman's spelling which will take all summer long.
  • I woke up a bit earlier than usual and was able to help my two early birds, Graham and Campbell, with their questions. Then it was up one set of stairs to wake up Reagan, and then up the other set of stairs to wake up Keaton and Whitman who were in the fort sleeping soundly.
  • Today was finished our history book. It was huge this year, but next years volume I of the 4 volume set is much smaller. It takes 4 years of read the whole history of the world-the current plan will be to read the volumes 2 more times finishing when Whitman is in the 8th grade. Today she ended the volume not with current events, but with future events with a glimpse of heaven based on Revelations. 
  • Once school was over, or at least once school was over for me, I helped Robby finish up our bathroom ceiling-another thing marked off of the list. Then Robby and I headed out to pick up some trim for the shed. We were loading up from one hardware store, headed to another one to buy paint, when Robby received a call from a man coming to give him an estimate. So we rushed home-stopping only briefly to pick up some cupcakes! 
  • The man came and gave the estimate while I cleaned the bathroom. The neighbors were out early again today so my kids have ALL been outside since before lunch. I had planned on making everyone lunch when we did get home at 12:15, but they had already eaten. My Campbell had even made some grilled cheese on the stove for her and Whitman. 
  • It wasn't too long before Robby and I left again to get the paint that we had intended to buy the first trip out. We did stop for lunch-it was like a date! We bought paint along with stain for my front shutters. For people that don't like to paint, we have spent a crazy amount of money the last few days on paint.
  • We stopped at Grannymom's on the way home along with a Kroger run to pick up a few things along with a few cartons of ice cream. Then it was back home. The kids were all still outside playing. They are going to be filthy when they finally come in-right now, it is after 1 and they are all still outside.
  • When we did make it home, we went right to work. First we painted 30 pieces of trim for the shed. Then we decided that despite the big rain change tonight, we painted two sides of the shed. Everything had to have two coats so that took a bit. 
  • After we cleaned up, we finally decided that we should probably cover up the paint on the shed since it was still drying. We tarped it up to protect it some from the upcoming rain. Worse case scenario, it gets wet and takes us another hour or so to repaint it. Not too bad really. The trim boards took longer than the shed. 
  • Once Robby and I did come in, I straightened the house while he had a shower and then I took my shower and scrubbed paint off of me-I had splatters of paint everywhere! The kids continued to play outside. Keaton did come in briefly after getting stung by ants-she only stayed in long enough to swallow some benedryl before she was back out again.
  • I guess we will have to call the kids in at 11-isn't there a curfew or something? It is kind of nice and quiet in the house though, but I do want my ice cream soon!

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