May 3, 2020

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  • Today was another full day of shed building around here. I was again awake before usual. I am not sure what might be happening to me-possibly growing up. 
  • Since Robby was up early working on his shed, he did have to skip church today. There is just so much work to do on the shed. They are moving swiftly along-the roof is done with some help to Graham who fearlessly screwed in quite a few nails and most of the walls are done since Anderson helped hold some boards. There is still a bit more work to do-at least another days worth.
  • The kids and I watched church this morning together. I will say that sitting in my comfy chair, cuddled up with Keaton under a blanket made it especially hard to stay awake during the sermon. I managed to see most of it! 
  • After that was over, I did do some Lego working with Anderson before making sandwiches for Robby and Tony's lunches. Some time around then, I did run to Lowe's for some quick crete. I had so much trouble finding what I needed, then had to go back to the aisle to get two more bags...then I had to go back to the aisle to find a trowel. Gracious me! 
  • Back at home, I did work on the attic some straightening it. I moved a shelf around and cleaned a few things up. I am not sure where or when we have accumulated all of this stuff. Makes me want to be a minimalist...except we are enlarging the shed to hold more stuff!
  • This afternoon Shannon came over for a bit. We soon found ourselves running to Lowe's to buy 10 more bags of concrete. We had a time loading and unloading all of it!
  • Soon afterwards, we were back on the road to West Little Rock to pick up supper. Tonight's supper was a delicious pre-Cinco de Mayo celebration. We ate and ate and ate some more. The kids played Nertz tonight while the grown ups talked.
  • It was late again this evening when everyone did get to bed. Whitman and Graham really wanted to sleep in the air fort but that will have to be for another day. They did however end up sleeping on the floor of their room.

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