May 7, 2020

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  • Robby left the house early today-last night as we were working in the garage, we looked over to see that one of his tires was pretty low. While he was airing it up, he crawled all around that tire looking for the culprit. You guessed it, a nail. Well, not actually a nail-it looked like a bolt. 
  • He could have picked up that bolt anywhere, but the odds are that it happened when he was driving in the yard. I have been working diligently at picking up nails, screws and any thing else I can find, but there have been so, so many.
  • Thankfully, it was just a repair and was even free so that did start his day off a little bit better. Meanwhile, we started our morning this morning by baking some banana bread for Nonna and Pops. 
  • Then it was time to start on our school work. Graham has worked extra and has finished most of his school work for tomorrow even. I guess that he has big plans happening tomorrow. School went fairly well-the kids know that next week we will have a bit less school so that makes them pretty too!
  • As soon as I got to a school stopping place, we loaded up and headed to Nonna and Pops's house to check on Nonna. She was in her chair and happy to see us. They are in the middle of a kitchen remodel, so we all enjoyed snooping around their "new" kitchen. We also enjoyed eating most of Pops' cookies.
  • From there we ran to Walgreens and Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things for Reagan's afternoon craft project. I will say that at Hobby Lobby, we were about the only folks not wearing a mask. 
  • Once at home, Reagan went to work on her project while the other girls went outside. Anderson and Graham often go outside to ride their bike on their trail-they seem to do this every chance that they get right now. 
  • Later in the afternoon, Robby and I worked on my little garden box. We filled it up with dirt, and I planted some carrot seeds inside. Tomorrow I have bean seeds to plant in the house. Hopefully, I will have a green thumb this year-or hopefully Robby will just buy some fresh veggies and put them in the dirt every morning.
  • Then Robby and I ran back to Lowes-really, can you ever have enough Lowes. He has been working on fixing an ever leaking potty. We have blamed Whitman for the wet floor for months, possibly years, but it did get worse the last few days so we discovered that Whitman might have decent aim after all.
  • While I was on my Bible study call, Robby was able to fix the potty-hopefully. This is the third part that he has had to buy for the fix-soon we will have a brand new potty piece by piece. The kids were coming in from playing outside when Robby discovered that one sink wasn't working.
  • Gracious, thanks to some internet searching we were able to solve that problem (a gunked up aerator). We are thinking that the other day when our water was turned off due to a neighbor's leak, some things were stirred up. Thankfully, everything is back to order-at least right this second.
  • The kids were outside until well after 9. Then no one was in a hurry to take their showers so it was well after 10 when it was finally bedtime for this Dennie crew!

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