May 2, 2020

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  • Robby woke me up early this morning to tell me that Tony was going to the hardware store with him so I could sleep a little bit longer. That was certainly welcome news to my sleepy ears! 
  • I actually didn't sleep too much longer and had almost finished making chocolate chip muffins by the time that Graham and Anderson were out of their beds. Then I finished making the cookies from last night-two more pans. Robby has said that those are his favorite cookies right now. 
  • I worked on the never ending laundry and dishes and checked on the Robby's progress outside. They were moving along fairly well. By the end of the day they had made two trips to Lowes and have 2/3rds of the roof on. Robby is pleased with the progress-hopefully lots can be accomplished tomorrow too.
  • I did move a bookshelf from the attic to the school room. The shelf was holding things in the attic but now they are just sitting in the floor. There is a lot of organizing to do up there-maybe tomorrow.
  • I made Robby and Tony lunch and watched them eat it. Then I worked on Whitman's lunch while making breakfast burritos to put in the freezer. The boys were anxious to go to the the Wilson's house.
  • They had their minds on riding the 4 wheeler so they did that quite a bit. Meanwhile, I did some recipe writing out and laminating while Shannon did some pie baking. Then we worked on her cricut for a little bit crafting. 
  • Soon we headed back to my house to work on supper. I heated up last nights supper (blowing a fuse while doing so-5 appliances are too many at once!-2 quesadilla makers, ice maker, air fryer and toaster oven) plus I made quesadillas and cheese dip. That along with one pizza fed everyone and will probably feed everyone tomorrow night too!
  • Campbell and Keaton spent the entire day outside down at the neighbor's house again today. They all showed up down here around supper time so everyone ate later than the adults. At one point the yard was full of at least 13 people outside playing. Not much social distancing happening in my yard!
  • For dessert tonight, we had my apple crisp and Shannon's strawberry pie plus cookies from last night. Graham and I liked Shannon's pie best, but the plain vanilla ice cream was certainly a hit too! That is Whitman's favorite.
  • It was shower time after the Wilson's left and then very shortly bedtime! Tomorrow there will be churching, building and some organizing!

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