May 12, 2020

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  • Graham was working hard on his school early this morning probably because his bed was full of a sleeping Whitman. Those boys are something else. 
  • Speaking of something else-last night I heard quite a commotion in the girls' room. I laid real still for a bit trying to hear because I assumed that Keaton was sick. They never called and no one came down, so I assumed it was nothing. When I did wake them up this morning for school, they were quick to tell me that a big dead bug (cricket) was under a towel in the bathroom. I guess Reagan discovered it when she was going to bed, woke up her sisters and they managed to kill it but not dispose of it. 
  • It was chilly all day today, so people spent the day covered up with more blankets than I ever imagined that we had. I went out to help Robby measure something outside and thought I was going to need a shower to warm back up.
  • There was some more pancaking making this morning for breakfast. Graham made some for breakfast with some help from Robby. Campbell decided that she needed some for lunch so more pancakes were made. We will be pretty good pancake makers by the end of the week!
  • I worked with Anderson today on some Legos while the others tried to go outside a few times. They would go outside for a bit and soon come back in. It was just so cold and wet. After supper, they did manage a few minutes on the trampoline-everyone came in wet and cold! Cold enough that Campbell had to make hot chocolate to warm up.
  • Robby and I made chili for supper tonight, and it was a perfect meal for this day. We might even make more soup tomorrow since we didn't have any leftover chili. I guess we are going to have to start making more of certain foods and chili is one of them.
  • There was a game of Sleeping Queens this evening along with lots of showers and some tv watching!

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