May 21, 2020

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  • Another day and lots of new things for me. I'll start with those-I took Whitman to the dentist and wore a mask. Seemed a bit like I was trying to rob the place. And I have never taken the meat off of a whole chicken-thank goodness for my corona gloves.
  • Back to the beginning of the day. We woke up and did our regular school. Tomorrow is the last day, so I even spent a bit of time working on next week's summer schedule.
  • This morning, Tanner, the preteen guy, came by from church to deliver Graham's 6th grade Bible. That was pretty cool. He had missed the Sunday evening when they would receive their Bible's a few weeks ago. We knew that the Bible was coming today, and Graham had mentioned that they should at least bring cookies since he was also missing the reception after receiving his Bible.
  • Well, Campbell and Keaton insisted that we get cookies and punch yesterday for Graham's reception. No one is missing cookies in this house! So after Tanner left, we gathered in the kitchen to have a mini-Bible getting reception.
  • The kids were outside most of the day long. We didn't even do our afternoon reading since they were out playing. We did however, get two whole chickens ready to put on the grill. Robby is a pro at his pork, but this was our first time to do a chicken.
  • Then I took Whitman to the dentist. He has a bump on his gum that has been around since February. Of course it is barely there today, but Whitman says that it comes and goes. He does have some type of infection but that should clear up when he loses his baby tooth which is already loose.
  • We then went to Nonna and Pops' house where I almost killed a man (not really, I did mention that someone looked old and hours later they had to be rushed to the hospital. Just a reminder, you better stay on my good side.) I worked on Pops' email and fixed 1 out of 3 of his devices. I didn't do it by myself, Robby was on the phone talking me through it.
  • Once we came home, I worked on painting the bathroom ceiling. It should be good once we clean everything up tomorrow. I do love marking things off of the list.
  • When the chicken was cooked tonight, I pulled it all of off the bone. That was a first for me-not sure I enjoyed it at all. The kids kept coming inside and eating the meat as fast as I could get it off that chicken. I finally did serve up supper which most everyone ate while outside.
  • They stayed out until way too late. By the time that everyone had showers (remember we are done a shower right now), it was almost 10. I sat down real quick to finish the blog before they go to bed because I don't like trying to type and eat my ice cream at the same time!

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