May 25, 2020

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  • Other than the weekends, this is the first day in a while that we haven't done school. Kind of interesting for me since I have to figure out exactly what I am going to do with all of my new free time.
  • Of course there is always laundry and dishes to do every single day. I did touch up the paint in the girls' room-it was still darkish in there so I hope I did good job. Then I worked on cleaning out Whitman's desk and getting school ready for next year-at least on the computer.
  • I gave my shutters another coat of stain right before we left for the pool. I took Keaton, Campbell, Graham and Whitman today for our first pool visit. I was worried that there would be quite a few new restrictions and rules, but everything seemed to be fine.
  • My big 3 didn't have any problems remembering how to swim. Graham had volunteered to watch Whitman, but after just a bit we realized that he can do just fine in the water. He still isn't the prettiest swimming, but does alright.
  • We stayed for two kid swims which gave us time to have a pretty good snack while we were there. I guess the hot sun and water made everyone hungry. Well, I wasn't even in the sun or the water, but I was hungry too.
  • Once we made it home, the kids played outside for a little bit. Then before too long, I was outside painting the shed some. We stayed outside working until the rain came. We scurried around picking up everything just in time for the rain to stop.
  • Then I told the boys that I would play basketball so I did that with only stopping to eat cookies from the Wilsons. Right now that is all that I have had for supper-I guess ice cream for supper is healthy enough.
  • It was nearly 8:30 when we finally did get supper for the crew. We mostly had leftovers, but Reagan had herself an egg filled bagel while Anderson had two eggs in the whole. I do love it when they cook, but everyone isn't the best at picking up the kitchen after themselves.
  • I am not sure what all of the plans for tomorrow are-possibly looking for a bathing suit for Reagan along with a trip to the library!

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