May 16, 2020

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  • I woke up this morning and quietly got up to go to the bathroom. I really thought that it was 9ish, but when I looked at the clock, I realized that it was just 6! The rain had not started yet, so I laid back down quietly trying to sleep until the rain began. 
  • We weren't that lucky since the rain didn't come for a long time. We have been talking about painting the girls' room since before Christmas, and today we finally we got started. We started around 11 and worked until just now it seems!  
  • We did take some breaks. At one time, Robby disappeared on me. I eventually found him digging inside of the shed. He was actually playing with the water flowing through the shed trying to figure out a way to divert it another way. There are lots of French drains in our future.
  • Campbell, Keaton and Reagan helped us so much today painting the room. They worked pretty much the whole time that we did. Now, Keaton and Campbell did take a break to build a fort in the bonus room. This fort has been talked and about planned for about a month with them and Graham and Whitman, and today was construction day.
  • We did some more painting, and once I did sit in a chair and take a very short nap....until my children woke me up fighting about a chair. I then headed outside to find Robby and hide wherever he was hiding-he was sitting in a lawn chair in the shed. I went back in to grab a blanket, and we sat out there for a long while.
  • Then it was just cleaning up and pulling out supper. There wasn't much to pull out so Graham added some mac and cheese to the mix. After we ate, we started work on a snack that Shannon had last night. We said hers tasted like a little bit of heaven-ours did not! I choose to blame my oven which doesn't get hot enough. Our dessert still tastes good, but just not the same.
  • We stayed up way too late and bedtime took way too long-but I was sure glad to lay down after working all day. I do not want to grow up and be a painter!

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