May 18, 2020

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  • I knew that I was running behind when Anderson asked me this morning if we were going to work together. I did get moving and headed up to wake Reagan up. Then I had to go up to the bonus room to wake up Keaton and Whitman who were sleeping in the fort. I am glad that they are enjoying the fort, but gracious I sure don't like having to climbing up two sets of the stairs to wake everyone up.
  • We did our work together this morning-only three more days left of history for this school year. I do think that we are going to do some working together during the summer-might as well. The pool seems to be on for the summer. That along with a few activities at church, we will have a fairly busy summer. Seems like the only thing that the kids will be missing out on is summer camps. And since we will all be at home at the same time, then we will have plenty of time for some extra reading.
  • School today went pretty quickly for most folks. I will say that I did get distracted for a bit. I listed one thing for sale on a facebook group. By the time I had gotten back to my bedroom to supervise Whitman, what I had just listed sold.
  • This caused me to list about 10 other school books. By lunch, I had made 60 dollars so this morning was super fun. Of course, this has caused me to walk around the house like a crazy woman trying to figure out what all I can sell. 
  • Nonna and Pops came over this afternoon. I had ordered something for Pops which they delivered to his front porch. I wrote him and told him that it had been delivered so he came to my house to pick it up...even thought it was on his porch. The girls were very happy to show them their newly painted room.
  • I was headed up the stairs today so help put their room back in order. Graham was quick to tell me that he helped Reagan do this task. I guess that she was ready to have her room back though I did kind of enjoy having her downstairs.
  • I helped Robby some late this afternoon. We did some cleaning of the house and a bit of pressure washing. I tell you, this house is big and tall and a wee bit dirty. It is better now. I will say that the bottle of 10 dollar cleaner did very good on the house. However, the 1 dollar bottle of bleach did good so these Dennies will be looking for a few more bottles of bleach to finish our house cleaning.
  • BBQ was for supper, and we finished just before Reagan's Bible study started. Tonight is the 6th week (I think), and just two more left. When the Bible study was over tonight, I did go outside to play a game of basketball with Anderson, Graham and Campbell. Keaton was going to play with us, but she didn't want to be on a team with me and Campbell against the boys so she went in. That was fine, but we probably needed her since we lost 10-2.
  • The evening was kind of quiet. We just mainly worked on eating the cupcakes that Reagan made this afternoon. Her cupcakes were topped by Graham's strawberry icing! Campbell had also asked to make a dessert, but we have to save something for tomorrow!

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