May 29, 2020

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  • It was a fairly busy day around here. Pretty much as soon as I had folded today's laundry, I went right to work on painting outside. There were 36 new boards of trim along with some red on the shed that Robby and I started to paint.
  • Thankfully, Keaton and Campbell started to help us. They are pretty good painters. Campbell even helped Robby saw and nail in a few more boards. I did briefly get a bit frustrated with my big kids who weren't out helping us as well. I really should have had 4 more painters, but I didn't want to ruin the pleasantness happening outside. 
  • We worked until it was time to leave the house for swimming. The pool was pretty busy today-they even asked us to leave before our time. I clarified, and we were able to stay our allotted time.
  • As I was gathering our things though, things did get interesting. Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Noah and Alyssa had been hanging out in the park on the other side of the parking lot. They all came back into the pool in a hurry and all talking to me at once. 
  • I heard the story once and had them tell another momma. All of the kids had seen a lady walking around, but Alyssa and Reagan saw a lady reach into a car and grab a purse before driving off. Yep, they saw a lady steal a purse.
  • We gave our information to the lady while debating if we should stick around or not. The police man arrived and soon asked Reagan and Alyssa a few questions. They told everything they knew, and then we gave him all of our information.
  • It was quite an interesting day at the pool for sure. My Whitman stood right by Reagan while she was talking to the policeman. All of this event made him nervous, but he was interested in it. Afterwards, I asked him if he wanted his picture with the policeman, but he did not at all.
  • My van was quite noisy on the way home-we discussed a little bit of everything: the theft to current events. What a world that we live in. It is quite a scary place that we live in.
  • Campbell and Keaton were excited to get home because they were soon headed out to Zoey's house to celebrate her birthday party. As soon as we came home, they packed and walked down the road.
  • Noah came over to spend the night and the kids played while Robby and I worked some more. Grannymom and Grandpa did come over to see the shed progress. Grannymom even brought dessert for us. We pretty much gobbled it up!
  • When they left, Robby and I worked some more on the shed. Once we finished, we did clean up and head to the Wilsons. Since my crew had not had supper yet, I took some food over there. Shannon had cake so we just had ourselves a party.
  • The kids mostly played outside but did come inside around dark. That is when we played a game-everyone was able to play and had a good time. 

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