May 9, 2020

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  • We did sleep in a bit this morning. Whitman was the first kiddo that we saw. He came in to ask if he could get some milk. This does get us out of bed because we certainly don't want him pouring his own milk which would lead to spilling the milk!
  • Robby and I decided to run to Walmart first this morning-we needed an assortment of items-everything from a bike inner tube to chocolate chips. We didn't take too long and were soon back home.
  • Robby made some rice krispy treats before he headed out to mow. I started to working on making cookies with Campbell's help. And gracious, if we didn't have any eggs! Campbell and I ran to borrow some down the road, and then we were back at our baking.
  • I next ended up outside moving outside furniture to pressure wash. Then I gathered lots of children to help with the raking and moving of leaves. Robby hurried to finish mowing and soon we were leaving.
  • We dropped off some snacks at the Fergusons and stayed there to play for a little bit. Whitman loved running around the yard with their little puppy chasing them. Graham agreed that we need a dog. We did remind him that we will happily buy him a dog when he moves out!
  • Reagan has actually thought about moving out lately. She walked through the shed the other day and decided that it could be a really nice house. She even planned where she would need a fridge.
  • We ran to Sonic, Home Deport and back to a Walmart (which was crazy crowded) before heading home. Once we made it home, Robby and the kids picked up the construction site while I painted some of the furniture. 
  • We worked for a long time outside. Then Robby went to weed eating and finished around dark. It was nearly 9 when we pulled our pizzas out of the even for our supper tonight. After we ate, everyone did gather around the tv to watch on show before bedtime.

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