May 8, 2020

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  • I was a little rushed all day today. I just couldn't seem to get everything accomplished during the day. I am not sure why, but gracious me-usually I can knock a few things off of my weekend list on Friday, but not today.
  • We finished our school work for the week-well, most of us did. For some reason, my child that can't seem to pick anything up and put it away right now, happens to be skipping a few school things. I am not sure why they think I don't have any sense-I can always tell what they skip. Though, to be honest-when Graham was little and would push his phonics papers under the tv, I didn't know about that until way, way later! If we ever move from here, we will probably find a whole year's worth of school work shoved under furniture-at least I hope not!
  • We worked together again in the afternoon. Then I crimped Reagan's hair. I have become quite the hair stylist lately-trimming hair, crimping hair, braiding hair. Keaton really wants me to trim her hair too, but I didn't have time today.
  • I did manage to plant a few thing in our little planter today. Also, Robby took the tarps off of his shed's roof. I was going to fold them, but they were too wet, so I shook them and laid them on the driveway to dry. I knew that the wind was blowing, so I threw a few boards on the tarps. Well, imagine my surprise when I came home later to see my tarps not where I left them. They were not folded either-they were just all crumpled back up in the yard. 
  • Robby had walked past them and was shocked to see that they had all blown in the driveway into. (He had knocked them off of the roof and just left them on all of the sides of the shed.) He was worried that they would blow away, so he grabbed them in a bundle and threw a board over them. We did fold them when we came home tonight though so all is well again.
  • Reagan had a drive by birthday party today in Maumelle, so we drove there. Keaton went with us so she was happy to hang with those big girls for a little bit. We tried to social distance, but didn't really! Or at least the kids didn't at all!
  • While we were gone, Robby did pick up the roof to the shed so that is a project for another day! When we came home most everyone was playing outside. I did make a quick supper before we ran to the Wilson's house to do a tiny bit of walking.
  • Later Robby ran to pick up the kids who were still at the house so they could come and eat ice cream with us. We devoured some ice cream before finally coming home way too late. Most everyone needed showers tonight so bedtime continues to creep back later and later!

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