May 24, 2020

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  • Back to church this Sunday morning-well, almost back to church. We had church this morning at Raymar. Church was at 10:30, and for some reason I walked through the house at 8:50 telling everyone that we left in 20 minutes. I am not sure exactly what I was thinking, but I quickly realized my error and calmed the scurrying children down.
  • We probably should have kept scurrying because we were setting our chairs out at Raymar just as they started singing. There were quite a few people at church. After the service, we hung out until everyone left...then we pulled out our lunches and had ourselves a picnic.
  • The kids played and played with their friends. There was a game of kickball along with riding a hoverboard. They had such a good time despite the sun which came out and started to fry all of my kids cheeks. 
  • After our picnic, we came home. I thought about taking a nap but the possibility of this rainy week made me decide to stain my front shutters instead. It took a bit longer than I expected since the shutters just soaked up the stain. I would dip my paint brush and be able to cover about a 6 inch square before having to dip again for more stain.
  • I still have to work on the porch wood which will require a ladder and help. Plus the shutters will probably need a second coat. So that is on the list for a dry day this week. My list is getting a bit shorter since I have been knocking things out.
  • As soon as Robby finished mowing tonight, he fired up the grills for supper tonight. We had hamburgers and hot dogs from the real grill and baked beans from the treager. The Wilsons came over to eat with us.
  • All of the kids stayed outside most of the time playing. They did come in briefly to grab their suppers or desserts, and then would go back outside to eat and play. The kids only stayed outside until ten before everyone headed in.
  • Bedtime seems to take a while now with showers for all along with the nightly decision of exactly who is sleeping in the fort and where they are sleeping in the massive fort. We have already had our ice cream tonight, so that is one less thing to do before bed tonight!

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