May 23, 2020

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  • When they said that it was going to storm last night, they were not joking. I do think that the storm was right over our house because the thunder and lightening just shook the house. Robby and I were both awake wondering how our paint job and shed painting held up.
  • Robby had already looked when I woke up this morning. He was pleased to see that we only had to do a few touch ups. Pretty early we did get up and after a text from Graham asking for donuts, Robby and him headed off to get our breakfast.
  • A bit later, Robby and I started sloshing through the mud out back to do our shed touch ups. We also worked in the garage for quite a while straightening things up. I briefly thought about staining my shutters, but they were still a little damp so maybe tomorrow.
  • We did meet up with some friends to ride bikes this afternoon at the church down the road. Robby wasn't sure if it was worth it since he had do some bike repair before we could even go. Then there were the two cars that we had to shove the bikes in-we don't have many bikes, but the ones that we have seem huge. 
  • On our way there, we even picked up a neighbor to go and ride with us. So there was quite a crew-14 kids plus all of the adults.
  • It was a bit of work for us, but the kids sure had a blast. They enjoyed seeing their friends, but they also had fun riding their bikes. Whitman rode his bike very well. I don't think that he an still ride up hills, but he is improving and worked hard to keep up with the other boys. 
  • We stayed over an hour-long enough for the kids to get a wee bit of a sunburn. Then it was home for a little bit-long enough for Robby and I to have some ice cream and for me to have a tiny nap.
  • I did wake up in time to help cut Robby's hair before it was time to leave again. We ate supper at the Craft's house. The kids had so much fun playing outside. All of my bigger kids are so kind to the little kids-Reagan and Maya were super buddies while Campbell so loved watching over baby Gabriel. 
  • After we ate, we talked outside and even had more ice cream for dessert. We stayed long enough for the kids to play hide and seek in the dark. Then we headed home for showers along with bedtime. It was another late night around here-but not nearly as late as last night.

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