May 11, 2020

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  • Monday morning is one of my least favorite days, but it is also one of my most favorite times. I don't like the rest of the week looming in front of us with the weekend so far away, but I really enjoy the quiet of Monday morning with the whole magical week ready to begin.
  • We did our morning reading fairly easily with little interruptions. Then it was time for everyone to start on their work. I read with Whitman first-he has finished the last book of his book series that we have here and is not so patiently waiting on my to go to the library to pick up the next book.
  • Everyone seemed to be fairly quick with finishing their school today except for Whitman and Anderson. I did let Whitman take a break to go outside and play with his sisters and a brother for a little bit. 
  • Reagan was very pleased with herself for finishing so early this morning. Graham and I were talking about some kids already being finished with school. He told me that he wouldn't want to be done because if he was, he wouldn't have anything to do all day long.
  • We worked together again after lunch-I am trying to finish up that silly never ending history book. We are up to the 1970s so surely we don't have too many more days to read. Then I ironed some perler beads for the kids before sitting for a minute to close my eyes. 
  • It wasn't too long before I was outside playing a not so friendly game of basketball with Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton. Our basketball games have just gotten a bit more fierce lately. I think that all of the kids would immediately get ejected from games if they were playing somewhere else.
  • Tony came over late this afternoon for some shed work. So most of the kiddos were outside the whole time playing with Brett. They played some sore of Olympics are obstacle course which kept them well entertained and made them well stinky.
  • Reagan and I had her online Bible study tonight. It was pretty good, but does seem to be a bit on the long side. When it was over, the Wilsons were still here so I had some time to visit for a little bit.
  • Afterwards, we heated up chicken sandwiches for everyone's supper. I do believe that that meal is a winner. The desserts that we have at our house are also all winners right now-so many desserts!
  • Since supper was at 9, we didn't have much time afterwards since it was soon bedtime!

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