May 26, 2020

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  • Some days the blog just seems a bit shorter than other days. I do believe that this will be one of the shorter ones for sure. I am not really sure what all happened today, but the day is over and I am tired.
  • Let's see the boys, Campbell and Keaton got up and started on their school work fairly early this morning. They worked hard and fast trying to finish everything on their list. Now, I bet that Whitman did skip a few things, but I am not too sure that he knows exactly how to read his list. I will have to make sure I explain it to him tomorrow.
  • Reagan had said that her summer list looked longer than her regular school day list. I am not quite sure about that since I figure that her summer stuff will take about 30-45 minutes, but whatever!
  • With this rain, Robby had noticed some pooling on the new shed roof. So that mean that we spent some time re-engineering it. The water was actually already leaking through the roof, so it is good that we worked on it today.
  • While Robby had run to get supplies, I was able to work with the kids-we read a few of our books, but I am not sure that Campbell or Keaton were listening. They were too anxious for their afternoon and evening.
  • Keaton spent the night with Sophia and the big girls were over here with Campbell. They had been making plans all day long, and I am pretty sure that they have done them all already. Now, the girls have had the best time today. Since I have been distracted helping Robby, anything they asked, I pretty much said yes to-can we make jello? can we start a youtube channel? can we ride our bikes down the road? can we zip line out the window?-yes, yes, yes, yes, yes (well, not really yes to the last one, but if they would have asked at the right moment, they might have gotten that yes.)
  • This evening I ran with Reagan to find a bathing suit for her. We just stopped at one store and didn't find anything. We might have found bottoms-not sure yet because I am not sure if she has tried them on or now. We also ordered a top along with another suit so hopefully one of those will fit and look modest on her.
  • We picked up supper on the way home. The kids ate early, but it was well after 9 when Robby and I finally set down to eat. I thought that we were supposed to be bored during all of this corona stuff-and I just need a nap!

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