May 13, 2020

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  • School work this morning went well. Graham was finished super quick, but I still had to hang around the bedroom until almost noon for my stragglers to finish up. Whitman's head was somewhere else today. I am not sure what was going on, but we both needed medicine by the end of the school morning-he needed concentration meds and I needed some anxiety meds!
  • During lunch time, I worked with the girls taping their room. I was hoping that it was going to rain more this week than it probably will. Lots of rain means room painting, and that needs to happen soon. 
  • We worked together this afternoon. The kids could hardly concentrate because they were so excited about our afternoon adventures. The first stop was to Nonna and Pops' house. Pops was having trouble printing something-I wasn't able to help him, but we were able to eat most of the snacks that he had in his house.
  • Then we ran to the library to pick up about 25 books and drop off about 100! I offered to put all of those books on the table near the door, but they just wanted them in the book drop off. Still getting library books is one of my favorite parts of the week! (I know, I need a hobby or two.)
  • After marking everything off of the calendar this month, I only had one thing to replace it with-Maia's birthday. Everyone here made cards and her gifts were wrapped. Her gifts were actually toys that she had seen here and wanted, but I promised that we would give to her on her birthday. 
  • The kids were all so happy to see each other especially since we let them play! They had much fun running around the Craft yard as long as I let them. I eventually did call everyone in for one quick picture before we had to head home. 
  • Once at home, I helped Robby some. He had done some work earlier in the day and happened to see a snake near my dryer vent. He chopped off half of it and bless if the rest of that snake didn't crawl right into the crack in the wall by the dryer vent. Now, there will be a bit less laundry happening here right now.
  • I helped Robby work on his shed some. Campbell and Keaton helped too-we just tore down the last remaining old wall on the shed. I think that Robby likes tearing stuff down. Maybe I should try to get him to tear up my carpet or kitchen cabinets. 
  • We played out there-even cut up a tiny tree stump before walking a couple of miles with the Wilsons. The kids enjoyed playing with Brett while we were walking. They seemed to enjoy riding their bikes quite a bit tonight.
  • After walking, I had chips and salsa for my supper while Campbell made most of the kids chicken of some kind for supper. It did take me forever to clean up the kitchen tonight. I am not sure if it was supper or their afternoon popcorn but maybe I need a maid just for my kitchen! Or I need to be the one cooking so I can be the one cleaning.
  • It was showers pretty late tonight-Robby was still eating supper at 10 so this quarantine has turned us into city folks. 

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