May 19, 2020

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  • When I woke up this morning, I quickly hit my alarm so I wouldn't wake up Robby. Gracious though, he wasn't even in the bed. He has started waking up on normal people time lately which I am not a fan of!
  • I did get moving early enough, and we were soon working on our school work. I think that the kids are getting excited about finishing school-I know that I am!
  • I couldn't find anything to sell today so instead, my extra morning activity was some laundry and some work on the kids' cookbooks.
  • After we had our lunch, Grannymom and Grandpa came over to see the girls' room. My Campbell and Keaton were also happy to show off their new corona cuts. Yep, I have also now trimmed their hair. They both wanted a few inches off so I just did it! I actually think that I might go to beauty school! (Ha, not really!)
  • This afternoon we did our work together. Then the afternoon kind of flew by. I am not really sure what all I did-I remember pushing Campbell on the swing. Oh, yes, I do remember now...
  • I took Anderson and Graham to a few stores. First we had to run to the library, then the boys and I went to Walmart. Bless, they had not been to a store this whole time. We found swim suits for them along with some other things that were on the list.
  • Since chickens were on sale, we decided to just brave it and go on to Kroger. Another hundred bucks there before having to stop at Dollar General to look for bleach for the house. I found a tiny bit there so hopefully we can do a little bit more. 
  • Tonight I made quesadillas for everyone's supper before we went to the Wilson's for a little walk. Most of the kids came with us and played outside while we were walking. We didn't stay too long since we are down a shower-we plan on repainting/kilzing our master shower ceiling. Because of that, we are trying not to use it so it dries completely before we start-so that means a few less showers around here!

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