May 5, 2020

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  • I am pretty sure that today was Tuesday. It was a fairly good day around here. We got started a bit later than usual on our school work, but that was still fine. Today our history reading was about man landing on the moon. I was a bit offended when someone asked if I was alive then. Though Robby and I were born not too terrible long afterwards.
  • After our reading, the kids started on their school work. Whitman is super into these dragon books right now. He would read these forever if I would let him. I don't though since he has other school work to do. Thankfully today his math is super easy right now! He is learning about money right now.
  • Anderson even finished fairly early this morning. I think that we are all finally in a good grove-just took us since August. Ha! The kids continue to finish their school work earlier each day since they continue to finish things up. I am already working on my chore/activity list for this summer.
  • For lunch everyone grabbed what they wanted. Then the afternoon began. We worked together while Robby made it to the library for me. We returned some of my 2 laundry baskets full of books. 
  • I worked in the back some today picking up nails and screws. It is taking a bit longer than usual plus I have my other list of projects-yikes! Will we ever get it all done? Probably eventually. We did find out today that church will be starting back fairly soon. I am ready for that, but on the other hand, I do kind of like this lifestyle.
  • Tony did come over and they measured the roof tonight so they will order one tomorrow. While they did that, I ran with Shannon to the grocery store. I bought a few things-and had a few more things that should have been on the list that I didn't think about. I always seem to have something on the grocery list-as soon as I come home from the store, someone is always telling me to add something to the list. That is just like the laundry-there is always someone throwing something in the laundry basket right after I start the laundry!
  • The kids and Brett (minus Reagan) worked on a good long trail in the woods. We will soon see which Dennie kids are allergic to poison ivy/oak! Fingers crossed that it is no one! They yelled and squealed and had a blast making their bike track/trail. Those are the days that they will remember for a long time.
  • Everyone was super filthy tonight so most folks had showers as soon as they walked into the door of the house. For supper it was just more leftovers-we might can even squeeze another night of leftovers out of that fridge!
  • Tomorrow is a full day-quite a few things on the list-and I can't wait to tackle them all!

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