May 17, 2020

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  • This is the 10th Sunday morning to watch church from the couch, and hopefully it will be the last one. Though we do kind of like our little Sunday mornings. I will definitely miss cuddling with Whitman and Keaton in my lap during the sermons.
  • After church, I went to work on the girls' room while Robby ran to buy me more painting tape along with buying lunch. Tony stopped by to start working just as soon as it started pouring. So the working didn't last long, but Brett did get to stay to play with the boys for a bit.
  • I took a break from painting to eat lunch, and then went back to more painting. Robby eventually left to run to another hardware store to buy some drain things for his shed. 
  • Not only does he have lots of drains to dig and figure out, we are also down one bike! Graham had used the bike and parked it a bit too close to Robby's car. Unfortunately, the bike was the only one that fit Keaton, Campbell and Graham. There were a few tears about it, but in the end it is replaceable.
  • I'm thinking we just need a few days of sunshine around here. I do believe that I did finish the girls' room today. I did the trim which wasn't that bad-just took a bit of time. Their beds and room is still a mess, but we will have time get everything back to normal tomorrow.
  • This evening Robby worked on the drains some-actually removing an old one. The kids played outside until the neighbors had to go home. We all just grazed for our suppers and mostly grazed on snacks until it was finally bedtime!

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