May 15, 2020

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  • Halfway through the month of May-kind of makes me sad that summer is about to start. We have usually finished the school year by now, but this year there is really no reason to take any extra time off. We were gone for quite a bit of the school year. However, what little we might have been behind, we have quickly made it up the last few weeks with one additional day to work each week. With not a lot going on each day, there is no reason to slow down on our school work at least for another week. 
  • I am getting anxious to stop school so I can really start thinking about what we are going to do next year. I have already bought a few things, but I so love pulling out everyone's school work for next year and organizing their desks. Now, since Reagan will be doing most of her school work through Comm Central next year, I can't really prepare her stuff too much which does kind of make me crazy!
  • This morning was a fairly light school day for most. Now, one child woke up in a very foul mood, and it continued most of the day. Bless Campbell but she just couldn't shake her bad mood. And it sure didn't help when I found out that she was about 3 days behind in her computer math. 
  • There is something about this quarantine stuff that sure makes my people want to cook. At least 3 people asked to bake something today. I refused to let anyone do any baking, We just didn't really need any sweets since we were having a big supper and Tony's birthday dessert tonight.
  • This afternoon I did run Campbell, Keaton and Graham to the Wilson's house along with some post-it notes for the kids to write Happy Birthday on their garage door for Tony to see when he came home.
  • Then I did walk a little bit with Keaton and Graham while they rode their bikes. Keaton wanted to go biking earlier but no one would ride with her (she has to have a buddy-my rule) so I told her that I would go with her. There was a little dog that barked at us a good distance. It's bark was fierce-so fierce that I picked up a stick for our return trip by the same house on the way home. I didn't have to use the stick thankfully!
  • I did help Robby some outside off and on today-mostly I would sneak to the garage to sit quietly near him while he did his work. He has taken to doing his work in the garage-it si super quiet out there and right now the temperature is just perfect. Unfortunately, the temperature probably won't be perfect for much longer.
  • I did go with Shannon today to pick up our supper. We haven't had good luck with Chinese food the last two times we have eaten out. One was at another place and one was at tonight's restaurant. However, tonight, our food was just pretty perfect. I didn't get a lot so we cleaned our plates clean. 
  • After eating, the kids played outside while the adults sat on the back port and talked about how the Wilson's could spend their stimulus checks. We stayed until it was late before heading home. Tomorrow might just be a rainy day so we may possibly be incredibly lazy or incredibly productive!

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