May 20, 2020

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  • I guess that this is our 10th Wednesday this year to do school. I have enjoyed the time to get a bit ahead, but I'm not too sure that Wednesday school is for me. Everyone did really well and sped through their school work...all except one little Dennie boy. 
  • Whitman has less school than normal right now, but it takes him just as long. He is the child that should really just do school all year long. Come July/August when we start school and he has a full load again, he will be shocked...and it will take him all day long!
  • After school was finished, I did have some time for a few different things-I hung newspaper in my bathroom. Robby sprayed the ceiling with kilz-you would not believe the smell which went through the entire house.
  • And I also stuck my hand inside of two chickens. I was supposed to take the neck out or something-I really just don't know what I did or if I did it right, but thank goodness for rubber gloves!
  • I reorganized one tupperware cabinet and later tonight, I also reorganized our games. Today was definitely a bit more productive than the past few days. Maybe tomorrow will be the same. 
  • This afternoon, I did take Campbell and Keaton to the store to find bathing suits. Shopping for bathing suits is stressful enough but when you add not being able to try them on, that just kind of made me worried. We fairly easily found suits for both girls. Keaton found a 2 piece but couldn't find a shirt to go over it. I told her we would keep looking and in the mean time she could wear one of her silky shirts. She was find with this. Now, Campbell found 2 suits that she liked and had trouble making up her mind.
  • I was still worried when until they tried them on at home. Thankfully, they fit perfectly! We still haven't been able to find tomato cages for my plants, but maybe next shopping trip. At the end of today's shopping trip, we also picked up pizza for our supper.
  • Everyone must have been hungry because we scarfed down the pizza. The kids played outside most of the evening. Campbell did take a pretty good spill on her bike. She recovered though with a few bandaids and an ice pack. 
  • Keaton and I watched some RV shows before it was finally bedtime. I think that at least 9 kids walked by me tonight and asked for a snack. I wasn't really keeping track of who asked so I am sure that some folks had multiple snacks tonight! That is fine since I also am going to have multiple snacks tonight!

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