May 28, 2020

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  • I had a huge mound of laundry this morning to work through. I was able to help Whitman with his summer school and read with the big boys while I was folding. After finishing my pile, I moved on to the dishes. And actually, I still have folded laundry in my room waiting for me to put it up in my closet-there is always tomorrow.
  • I did finally work some Legos with Anderson today. We haven't been Lego-ing lately, and I still do want to finish. Finishing will probably never happen, but we did accomplish two little sets today.
  • I also cleaned the shower today (I know I have done that recently). I scrubbed that baby with bleach, and it did help. I have started following a new cleaning lady, and I am a bit motivated to clean this place up-but again, there is always tomorrow.
  • I had a doctor's appointment today so that was my first real hospital/doctor's office visit since Corona. It is a crazy world that we live in.
  • On the way home, I ran by the library. Graham has been super excited for me to go to the library because he had checked out a few Marvel movies to watch. I think that he is trying to watch all of them in order so I did add a few more to his pile today.
  • I then stopped by Nonna and Pops' house because Whitman's bike (one of the few that actually work) has been messing up. It was the reason that Graham fell the other day and skinned up his arm. They had one the same size as Whitman's so I brought another bike home. Robby may have to enlarge his shed for all of these bikes! Not really, I have found a place to take our old junky ones and plan on doing that soon.
  • Back at home, I thought about painting and even went outside to Robby's remote office (the garage), just in time to see it pouring down. That did get me out of painting for the day-there is always tomorrow though.
  • I might have had a nap this afternoon. When I did wake up, Robby and I ran to pick up some Loew's supplies. I had to wait forever for paint. Then we tried to order Mexican food which took over an hour to get. We did run to Sonic and pick up some corn dogs for some of my non-Mexican eating kids while we were waiting. 
  • When we finally did get our food, we hurried home to eat. After eating, everyone helped clean the house. It had gotten a wee bit messy today. I do believe that everyone has forgotten how to put things up over the last few weeks. It is like I am the only one who can close a cabinet door, change the trash can or put things in the dishwasher. Many hands do make light work so we were soon back to having a clean house.
  • Everyone stayed up too late and it was well after 10 before the people were all bedded down!

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