May 10, 2020-Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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  • I barely heard any sounds this morning with all of the kids in the kitchen working on my traditional Mothers' Day breakfast in bed. Usually, they are very quiet until they start deciding who is actually holding what when they come into my room. Today was not much different.
  • They had waffles with syrup, bacon and some doughnuts that Jason had given us yesterday along with some orange juice. Everyone was delighted to give me their cards. Campbell and Keaton even had me gifts-wooden blocks that they had painted for me.
  • After I looked at all of my goodies, we all went to the kitchen to eat our yummy breakfasts. Robby had worked pretty hard on the breakfast, and it was delicious. After cleaning up, we didn't have very long until church was starting. Robby even missed the preshow, and we had to catch him up.
  • Church was very good today, and when it was over, it was time to get busy around here. I forgot about Graham's corn casserole so I had to quickly call him back inside to help stir it up. Then it was back outside to help set up. 
  • The kids helped drive the tractor filled with the baggo, lawn chairs and a table to the side of the yard. Soon everything was fancy smancy and ready for a Grandpa's birthday celebration along with Grannymom's Mother's Day celebration.
  • Everyone arrived as Robby was working on grilling his burgers. He did them on the Treager, and they weren't my favorite. I think that he agreed with me-they were definitely good, but not really like a regular grilled burger. 
  • We had lots of desserts for Grandpa's birthday-Grannymom had a coconut cake along with cookies and brownies. We had a chocolate chip cookie cake along with rice krispy treats and cookies. The Dennie crew does not slack when it comes to desserts.
  • After eating, the kids and Grannymom played a round of kickball. Once everyone did leave, we worked on cleaning everything up before heading to Nonna's house for her little Mother's Day celebration.
  • Reagan drove my big van over there. She has decided that she will learn to drive it some-it is so big that it scares her which it does me too! She did just fine on the road-though there was a bit of veering from one side of the lane to the other. 
  • Nonna was getting around well today. She is still moving a bit slow, but much better than last time we saw her. Their new kitchen really looks good. It will look wonderful once it is all finished. 
  • After visiting for a while, we headed back home. I went to work pulling out school work for this next week. The kids are ready for less school work, but I just don't know what they would do all day if we didn't do something constructive during the day.
  • I almost finished when I went outside to walk the kids trail in the woods. They wanted to show Robby their hard work-and they have worked hard since they basically cleared a pretty good little bike track. 
  • We then changed a bike tire and had a bit of downtime before having some lanwmower problems. Robby did eventually figure it out after lots of flashlight holding and whispering silent prayers by me. 
  • The kids started on their showers-I did have one child throw an absolute fit because she didn't want to take a shower even though the bottom of her feet were filthy! After showers, the plan is to watch one tv show before bedtime. Then it will finally be time for my Mother's Day ice cream-well, maybe. I still didn't get my Mother's Day nap-maybe next week!

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