May 4, 2020

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  • The days are all running together lately. By 8:30 we had started our school work today and seemed to breeze through things. I know that I was finished at a very decent time with my school work and started on my own list. 
  • Part of the reason that I was finished early was because at 11:30 Whitman saw his brother and sister outside playing so he asked if he could take a break. I guess I have become a softee so I let him take a very long break. He did eventually finish all of his school work. I figure as long as he is finished with work that involves me, he can certainly go run and play-you are only a kid once.
  • I made lunch for most everyone today-Robby and Tony were first with sandwiches, then Keaton with a roll up, Campbell with a sandwich, and finally Whitman and Anderson with cinnamon toast. I am feeling a bit like a short order cook around here these days.
  • We did our work together time this afternoon. It is really my favorite time right now because other than history, I can read whatever I want since we have time. 
  • I have printed out a math packet for Keaton and Whitman. I worked with them after our morning work on the first page. Campbell walked by and said that she wanted to do it of course I printed her out one too-a bit of extra math work never hurt anyone.
  • I ran to Sams today to pick up our medicine. Campbell and Keaton went with me-this was their first time to visit a store since this has all started. They were so excited to leave the house and go into a store!
  • Once we came home, the afternoon flew by. I didn't have a big fun project to do today like Robby working on the shed outside. Soon it was late in the afternoon, and Shannon came over for a bit.
  • When the menfolk finished their shed building, we pulled out all of the leftovers for supper. I did make about 3 more quesadillas, but we still had enough food to feed everyone along with leftovers to return to the fridge. 
  • The kids all had their showers tonight and everyone had an evening snack before bed tonight! We have just about finished off Robby's favorite new cookies-I guess I may need to make him another batch or two!

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