April 25, 2018-Branson Adventure #2 (Day 1)

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I woke up at the time that I should be getting up on Wednesdays. That was a good thing since I was able to fold a few loads of laundry and empty the dishwasher. The kids were pretty quick to wake up and start putting on their clothes. Anderson wasn't pleased with having to wear a Sunday shirt since it was Wednesday.

Today wasn't any normal Wednesday because this was performance day along with Branson day. We headed to Bible study at the normal time, but at 11 all of the kids classes performed a few songs. Robby and all of the grands were there to see everyone.

Well, not all of my Dennie's performed. Reagan, my baby, is too old to perform anymore. So she was helping the babies! Made me a bit sad. Graham, Anderson and Campbell's classes all performed together. Graham was Luke in their play. When he heard that we were leaving for Branson today, he gladly offered for us to leave early and him to miss his part. Graham and Anderson had parts in their song as well. They each chanted a Bible verse.

Keaton and Whitman's group performed a few songs too. Of course, my Keaton is as precious as she could be and knew all of the words to the songs. Whitman, on the other hand enjoyed performing. He has even perfected his bow! Gracious me!

Afterwards, the kids went home with Robby while Nonna and I went shopping. It was my birthday shopping trip. I delayed it since I do like having new clothes for our big trips. We went out to eat and then we quickly found everything on my list.

When we were done, I took Nonna home and showed Pops my loot. Then I text Robby and headed home. His exact response to my "headed home" text was "Ugh, you are early." I didn't think that was very kind at all! I believe that he was trying to say that they weren't quite ready to leave yet at home. I wasn't home that early after all-possibly 30 minutes earlier than we had guessed I would be. Once I made it home, the loading began.

Everyone pottied and before long, we were in the car headed to Branson. It is nice now that everyone, well except Whitman, know to turn off the lights and pick up when we leave and especially when we are leaving for a few days. 

I always think that taking a little trip before a big trip is a very good thing. We were quick to find the first thing that we needed to work on before the trip is the DVD player. The last trip it was very contrary but we couldn't get it to play anything today. It did pass the time just the same today-for me and Robby. I worked on it until Conway. Then I drove and Robby worked on it for at least another hour. 

Other things that we have added to our trip list is warm hotel clothes for me (I'm always cold), a GPS cord, podcasts about where we are, lots of trash bags and a portable fan. I am sure that you will rest better knowing that list. 

We stopped once on the way for a potty stop, and then we finally stopped again in Harrison at McDonalds. Robby had a free chicken sandwich and it was absolutely delicious. I was told to not get used to them because they were pricey! 

From Harrison, it was just a short drive to our motel. We did have to drive near the lake while it was dark and foggy. This set the mood for a few of my people to get spooked-Keaton, Campbell and Graham. 

Our motel tonight is an older lodge. It looks pretty dated and that long with the fact that we are the only ones staying in it, added to the spooks of my 3 spooked kids. The room is large with a kitchen area, pull out couch and 3 beds. We all vegged out for a bit while eating oreos before finally going to sleep.

And yes, Graham would have been sleeping in the bed with Reagan tonight but he decided that he wanted to be in the same room as us! Keaton lost her second tooth on the way here tonight so even though she tried to stay awake, she didn't make it too long. Graham was up a bit later and did look up anytime Robby neared the tooth. 

Hopefully, we will all sleep well because tomorrow is breakfast out and then Silver Dollar City!

April 24, 2018

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  • We didn't hear anyone this morning when our alarms started ringing. Later, we did discover that Anderson and Graham were awake but that was all. Robby woke up Whitman, who quickly put on his clothes so he could join his brothers watching Minecraft.
  • I made his breakfast, and soon Whitman was headed out the door with Robby. Poor Whitman only has 5 days of school left so he better get there early and learn alot.
  • Back at home, we had breakfasts and then started on our school work. It was kind of crazy since we had not done a full day of school this week and since my mind was on getting garage sale stuff ready, our 6 dentist and 1 ortho appointment along with packing for tomorrow. My yesterday's to do list was nothing compared to todays.
  • By 1, Reagan had already been to the dentist, school was mostly finished, 4 bags had been packed, many chores done and garage sale stuff loaded. Soon the kids were loaded in the car, and we zoomed to pick up Whitman.
  • He was at Grannymom's house for the short afternoon. He wasn't ready to leave with me for the dentist. That boy was a hoot though at the dentist. Surprisingly, they were even able to get xrays on the boy.
  • Whitman wasn't the only one who got xrays today! Keaton needs a crown and a filling. She was not too excited when she heard the news, but she kept a brave face. Her little teeth will be fixed in a few weeks. And then Campbell. They did some big xrays on her. The teeth beside her upper front teeth are odd. One is normal but the one on the other side is smaller than normal. Not something that isn't fixable (pulling two teeth or am implant sound like the fix) So to the ortho we will soon be going for her-boo!  
  • Next up was dropping off our garage sale stuff at Danas. I am not too sure what happened but I have a ton of junk. Even with all of my stuff, I think that I will be lucky to make 75 bucks. I am so glad to get all of that out of my house. When I turned 40, I decided to try to throw out 40 bags of trash this year. When I count my garage sale boxes, I only have 14 more bags to go!
  • From there, Robby took the boys to eat and then home for the evening. The girls and I grabbed supper and then headed to look for some clothes. At our first stop, we saw a few different groups of people-one was a man wearing a dress.  Needless to say, when we made it back to the car, I made it clear that God designed women to be women and do things that women do and God designed men to do manly things. Gracious me!
  • Next stop was Walmart followed by getting gas and Kroger. The girls were a bit upset with me since I didn't go by Sonic on the way home. We had already eaten out, bought them clothes, and bought them shoes. I did promise a snack and drink when we made it home.
  • After we unloaded everything, the girls took their showers while Anderson and I glued his science fair project on his board. Hallelujah! We are done with those science fair projects! We just have to show their projects and give a brief talk on Tuesday. 
  • When the kids went to bed, Robby and I still had lots to do. We did finish most of it with a bit of time to sit down! I still have to pack along with the dishes and a few loads of laundry!  

April 23, 2018

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  • Whitman's class only takes two field trips during the year, the pumpkin patch and the zoo. Today, was the zoo field trip, and Whitman could not be anymore excited. Everyone else was excited but probably would have rather stayed home so they could have finished their very light day of school work.
  • Last night I had told the kids that from 7 to 7:30 they could play on their ipads this morning, but after 7:30 it was chore and school time. I guess that caused everyone to stay in their beds a bit longer since they couldn't ipad as long as they wanted. Graham and Whitman were the only ones awake. 
  • Soon I was having to wake up everyone because leaving at 8:15 was tough! I was very glad that I did wake up a few minutes earlier than usual because I needed every bit of that time.
  • We arrived at the zoo and were again surprised at the cool weather. We all had jackets, but it was misting and cold. I should have known that it would be cold because out of 6 zoo field trips, I remember it being cold 6 times! 
  • We met up with Whitman's class and followed the group around the zoo. Whitman did say that the monkeys were his favorite animal that we saw today. We did see an elephant up close which was neat.
  • It was a good day at the zoo. I was quick to remind Whitman that last year at Keaton's school field trip, he ran away from us! He promised not to do it again today, and thankfully he did not. At the end of the field trip, the kids played on the playground some. Then we had a little snack in the car before heading to Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzard. 
  • Once home, I read history and a few books with the kids. Then they started on their chores and what was left of their school work. It didn't take too long and with just a bit of work, I felt much better about the state of this house. Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a bit help plant a few plants. 
  • There was also some science fair project work along with puzzle working and puzzle hanging happening. I did have a huge list today, but by the end of the day, it was pretty well marked off. Around 5, the Monday soccer players and Robby left for practice. Keaton and Campbell also went with them leaving Whitman and me home by ourselves.
  • I worked on my VBS stuff some, then read to Whitman. Next I did the treadmill and then Whitman did his reading book and practiced his science fair project. At some point, I put him in the shower and worked on next year's school. Finally, I made Whitman work on a National Park book some. He didn't mind, and I think that by the end of the evening he was as bored as I was. I enjoy being home in the quiet. I am able to accomplish a lot but after doing a lot, then there isn't much left to do! 
  • Needless to say, we were both glad to see the others come home from practice and eating out. They all had to have showers, and then it was bedtime!

April 22, 2018

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  • We could hear the kids awake this morning so maybe that is why Robby and I both continued hitting snooze. Reagan wasn't here this morning since she had spent the night with Kaleigh, but even with her gone most everyone can get Sunday ready by themselves. Actually, everyone but Whitman can if I lay out his clothes, which I had not!
  • Even with me scurrying around more than usual, we were still able to leave on time. We walked through and saw the grands before setting down. I knew that Reagan would arrive about 15 minutes later since their Sunday school starts later than our service. I expected her to show up, but she never did. 
  • After church, we asked someone if she had been in their SS class, and he said no. I had to go to teach Keaton and Whitman's SS class but did leave Robby instructions to find my girl. He quickly did. She had indeed been to SS with the other girls. Robby told her that she could go to worship with them if she wanted but she opted to go to her own SS class.
  • When church was over, we gathered our crew and headed to Nonna's house for lunch. She had a bit lunch and everyone enjoyed it. We stayed for a bit before hurrying home for a very short nap. Church was tonight and since Reagan, Graham and Campbell had to be there early, their was little time for a nap!
  • Before I was ready, I was back in the car headed to church. Everyone did their rehearsals and soon the service started. Along with baby dedication, which we were obviously not a part of, the 1st through 4th grade choir sang. Graham had a speaking part which he was extremely happy to be done with. Campbell was singing her little heart out on the back row. A bit later, Reagan and the preteen worship group led the congregation in two songs. Then all of the 6th graders, including Reagan, received an ESV study Bible. 
  • Afterwards, there was a little fellowship upstairs including cupcakes which my kids ate more than a dozen of! Once we made it home, everyone put on their pjs and then started on tomorrow's school work while Robby heated up a bite of supper. 
  • The kids had a bit of downtime before bed. I think that my crew is tired tonight and after writing out my to-do list for just tomorrow, I am overwhelmed and a bit tired myself!

April 21, 2018

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  • Lately, Robby and I have been reminiscing of when we would have 2 to 4 people, or sometimes even more, in our bed during the wee morning hours. They aren't usually in our bed anymore, but Whitman now sleeps with one of his brothers most every night and Campbell and Keaton slept in the same bed last night since Reagan was away. This morning, however, our room was full of people at 7:01.
  • Today was our first soccer day since the last two Saturdays have been rainy, and the Dennie team was ready. Reagan met us at the fields since she had spent the night at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.
  • It was a built chilly this morning, but eventually the sun did come out and warm us up. However, the wind always seems to blow at Raymar, at least during this time of the year. I started off with 4 layers on and then got down to one but eventually had to put one jacket back on due to the wind.
  • Our first game was Keaton and Whitman's team. Keaton, which was no surprise, did excellent. She scored 6 of her teams 8 goals. Whitman also did really well-he did everything that we had hoped. He ran through the tunnel, stayed on the field, didn't chase a butterfly, did chase the ball and even kicked the ball a few times. And, he isn't even the worst player on his team!
  • The next game was Graham's team. This is the first year that 4th grade and up are playing on the big fields with goalies so all of this was new to us. His team did well and won 2-0. Robby coaches their team and was relieved to see them look decent on the field.
  • Next up was Campbell's game and Reagan's game. Reagan's team won but she hung back quite a bit. She is good at defense and was trying to do that. However, Robby says that she is a completely different player during practice than she was during the game. Campbell is a beast during soccer. I know you would never believe that she runs the entire time, but she sure does. She scored 2 of her teams 3 or 4 goals. She thinks they tied, but they might possibly have lost by 1 point. 
  • Finally, we watched Anderson's game. Bless his little team. He knew the first practice that it was going to be a long year, and it will be. Now, they were playing a team with one star player and that kid did score all 3 goals so if you take those away, it would have been a tie. Anderson played goalie for a quarter, and I just couldn't get over how much he looked the part. I do think he was the cutest goalie at Raymar. Poor guy did twist his ankle pretty good at the very beginning of the game and limped for the rest of it.
  • I do think that everyone had a good soccer day. Once we came home, everyone had showers and a piece of pizza from the fridge. Reagan just really had time to shower and repack before her, Robby, Campbell and Keaton left again. She is spending the night at Kaleigh's house, and the others left for a quick Kroger run and a mystery shop.
  • Meanwhile back at home, Anderson and I worked on his science fair project. I also worked on a few other things before starting on supper. Oh, I did have to take a shower to get the knots out of my hair from the crazy wind this morning.
  • For supper, we had hamburgers, twice baked potatoes, roasted carrots and butternut squash along with corn on the cob. The twice baked potatoes were wonderful, and we topped our supper off with ice cream. The Wilson's were over for supper, and the kids all played outside with the neighbor kids until the rain started to move in.
  • When the WIlson's left, my crew had to have another set of showers before bedtime. They were all pretty exhausted tonight. So exhausted that I bet Whitman won't even be awake long enough to move into a brother's bed. Keaton and Campbell already started out in the same bed, but we never heard a peep out of them.

April 20, 2018

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  • For some reason, Robby and I were awake earlier today than usual. That was fine since I had plenty to do this morning. The kids found their own breakfasts, and then we did a little reading before working on chores and clothes.
  • At 9:30, we loaded up and headed to Jacksonville. On the way, we picked up Kennedy. Despite having a buddy in the car, Reagan was insistent that we listen to our book on tape. Everyone loves our books on the tape but the one we are listening to now is only on loan from the library for 14 days so we must hurry.
  • Today's field trip was all about electricity, and it was really well done. They had a lady from the Museum of Discovery who did a few science experiments for everyone first. Then the 6th graders on up, went to another area. Sara went with Noah, Kennedy and Reagan and said that it was really neat. Reagan elaborated more by saying "that talked about stuff." So informative!
  • Now my boys could have hung with the 6th graders, but I followed the rules and they stayed in the right group. It was a magician who talked about electrical safety. He was light on magic but really funny. 
  • Keaton was chosen to be an assistant. She ripped up some tissue paper, and then smashed it back together. Afterwards, the torn tissue paper turned into an adorable pink tissue paper hat. Keaton was absolutely glowing during all of this. Now later, Keaton handed me the hat and asked me to hold it. Soon Campbelll came running up to me telling me to not fold the hat. She was worried that if I folded it back up, it would turn back into torn pieces of tissue paper. I didn't fold it, and Keaton has asked for me to put the hat in her memory box.
  • After the magician, there were stations for us to go through. The favorite was making your own circuit to make a flashlight. My people made two each! When you had been to all of the stations, you were able to turn in your paper and receive a goody bag of candy. The kids loved this!
  • On the way home, we stopped by a picked up a pizza for a little snack on the way home. We then dropped off Kennedy before taking Reagan to spend the night at Grannymom's house. We stayed there for a few minutes before coming home for a bit.
  • Tonight the boys had basketball so we loaded back up to drop them off. Robby and I grabbed a shake before taking the littles to McDonalds to eat and play for a bit. We then ran to Grannymom's to drop some things off. Then Robby dropped me off at the Kroger for some speed shopping while he picked up the boys. We picked their supper up on the way home and then it was back home for the night.

April 19, 2018

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  • Thursday morning and Whitman had to get off to school. Robby made a special trip to the story yesterday to buy cheese for his grilled cheese breakfast sandwiches. Of course this morning, he didn't want one!
  • Once Robby headed off with Whitman, the rest of us settled in the living room to do our work together. We usually hibernate in my bedroom, but since muffins were baking and Robby was gone, we ended up in the living room. A change was kind of different. 
  • Currently, I spend most of our school day in my bedroom by the window where I fold the laundry. I think this is the second year that we have been working right there. One year was spent in the hallway working, and the year that I was pregnant with Whitman, we did all of our work in my bed. Maybe I will find a new spot for next year.
  • School went fairly well. Reagan finished her report for her science fair-well, it is a short, very short report. That is fine though because I think that I am done with science fairs. I am actually pretty done with this school year and ready to start next year. Now, I will say that is fine since our school year is pretty much over already. We have very few days left and am just trying to cram the rest in.
  • Once we finished school, we had our lunch. The kids listened as I read some. Afterwards, Keaton was a subject for Anderson's science fair project. While she was doing that, Anderson and I finished his last Star Wars puzzle. He has asked me to help him hang them up. I think framing them would be pricey but thankfully, I have found a solution, hopefully, on pinterest. 
  • The kids ended up outside for just a bit this afternoon. I played basketball with Graham, Anderson and Keaton. The neighbor came down for a bit and a few played with him before soccer.
  • Keaton, Campbell and I then jumped in the car to meet Robby. We met him at the gas station and then Robby and I went to work changing Whitman. We put him in his soccer uniform-it is a booger trying to dress a 5 year old in the back of the car especially when putting cleats, shin guards and socks which are large enough for a grown man to wear.
  • We made it to soccer on time though I have no idea why anyone would ever want to drive down 1-30 at 5 in the evening. It was picture night at soccer so that took up most of their time. Campbell's team did scrimmage, and they did fine. No one scored. Keaton and Whitman's team also scrimmaged. Keaton was all over that field, and all though I was worried about how they would do, their team seemed okay-ish. Whitman, bless, did better than I thought. The ball did touch him a few times. He stayed on the field and didn't lay down which is all that I can hope for on Saturday.
  • Once at home, my crew ate our supper. The others had already eaten. The kids had showers and afterwards, we had some ice cream before bed. You could have heard a pin drop when Robby mentioned that in a few weeks, the church is participating in screen free week, and we would be participating (to some degree.) I better make some plans as to what we are going to do all day long!

April 18, 2018

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  • Whitman burst in our room around 3:30 this morning and jumped over me into the middle of the bed. I do believe that he went to both brothers' beds to tell them that he was scared last night before coming down here. Now, it probably served them right that he woke them up before coming downstairs because I think that they might have possibly been egging him on earlier in the evening. I believe that they continued to talk about the "scary granny" that he has been worried about the past few nights. Hopefully, tonight he will sleep all night in his own bed.
  • I guess having one more warm body in our bed last night made it a bit cuddlier, and I stayed in bed until the last possibly moment. It is pretty amazing that within 30 minutes of me waking up, we can walk out the door. Even with that short amount of time, everyone had breakfast, everyone packed their lunch (which we remembered to bring), I unloaded the dishes, and we didn't leave a single thing at home. All of that will probably never happen again.
  • Bible study was good, and afterwards my Bible study group went to a park. It was one ladies birthday so another had bought the most beautiful cake from Sams of all places. It was as good as it looked, and that should mean quite a bit since cake is not my favorite of desserts. Though I would certainly take a slice of cake right now.
  • Afterwards, I took my crew to Dairy Queen for our Blizzards. They ate them in the car and for some reason, Reagan and Keaton didn't finish theirs so I struggled eating them and driving home.
  • Once at home, the kids did little of nothing while I worked on some garage sale stuff and worked with Whitman on his school stuff. Soon, it was time to eat our supper before church. We worked on all of the fridge leftovers. 
  • After church tonight, I headed out of the parking lot a different way than usual. The kids quickly noticed and I said that we were still heading home. When we missed the turn to go home, Graham was the only one who noticed. I then told them that we were headed to Chickfila for a few cookie. My Anderson said that he just loves free stuff! That's my boy. The cookies were delicious although the lady at the window wasn't that friendly which is completely unlike any Chickfila people. She questioned if I had 7 people in the car. Of course, the kids were all being exceptional and the car was as quiet as crickets. 
  • Once at home, everyone had a sip of coke to wash down that wonderful cookie. Before they knew it, it was bedtime.

April 17, 2018

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  • I woke up this morning with Anderson standing over me asking if they could get their own breakfasts. Scared the daylights out of me! I was glad that he asked because we were going to eat together this morning. We don't eat together usually on mornings that we have to leave the house.
  • Robby took Whitman to school while the rest of us ate our breakfasts and then went to town on reading history. As soon as they was finished, I had everyone put on their clothes and start on their chores. 
  • Today was Field Day for our little homeschool group. We had it at Raymar fields so everyone was super excited about it. Now the first stop this morning was to pick Whitman up from school. I think that he was just there about an hour and a half before we came. He didn't mind and was ready to go which was nice.
  • Our next stop was ChickFila for a free chicken biscuits. We had to wait a few minutes to get our biscuits and while waiting, a friend text saying that Hardees was giving out free sausage biscuits if you made it there by 10. I looked up, and there was a Hardees sign. They delivered our food, and I pulled out headed to Hardees. 
  • We parked in their parking lot with 3 minutes to spare and ran inside. They were just as friendly as ChickFilA and happily gave us our sausage biscuits. The kids got a kick out of this, and the boys ate their sausage biscuits for lunch in lieu of their sandwiches that they had packed this morning.
  • Most everyone was already at Raymar when we arrived. The first organized activity was a kickball game. We didn't play too long-actually, I am not even sure who's team won though I think that it was not my team. 
  • There were a few relay races and even tug of war. The kids had brought balls and all kinds of toys. Everyone just enjoyed walking all over Raymar and just doing whatever they wanted. Now, I wasn't really thinking today since I didn't get the sunscreen out until it was way too late. I have a bunch of red faced kids! Campbell, of course, is the very worse. Hopefully, they will just be pink tomorrow and not bright red!
  • We headed home around 2 after a full days worth of playing. Reagan worked on her science fair project while the others played on their ipads. It was a fairly low key afternoon because I think that they were exhausted. 
  • I had to help Robby with a work project tonight so we ate supper a bit later than usual. Everyone had baked potatoes while I had a pan full of roasted veggies (green beans, tomatoes, corn, carrots, butternut squash, mushrooms and a zuchinni or a cucumber-I don't know which one it was.) Reagan did try a few but I didn't even offer them to anyone else. 
  • After supper, the kids had their showers and then we all went upstairs to play the wii for a bit before bedtime.

April 16, 2018

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  • Anderson was awake this morning, but that was all. I went up to find Whitman so he could get ready for school. He wasn't in his bed but was sleeping all cozied up to Graham. Graham is usually the first one awake, but maybe he needed someone to snuggle up to so he could sleep a little bit longer.
  • In the girls' room, Keaton was quick to wake up to check her tooth fairy pillow. Indeed, the fairy did leave her a dollar. She was pleased with her money but did let it be known and more money would have been better.
  • We got Whitman off to school. As I buckled his seat belt, I told him that he would always be my little baby. This didn't settle with him well, so I continued that Anderson and Graham would always be my babies too. To this, Whitman said, "I want a another Momma." Gotta love parenthood!
  • The rest of us started on our school work. Since everyone had done some last night, my load was a lot lighter, and I was able to work on my afternoon chores while the kids finished their stuff. We read an interesting book about Marco Polo this year. I tell you, I have so enjoyed our history this year, and I am going to try really hard to enjoy science next year as much as I have liked history.
  • We just have two science fair projects to finish up around here. Reagan did make 3 more batches of her cupcakes today. Today she left out milk, vanilla and then something else. Her little experiment has been pretty interesting, at least to me. She did say today that she had memorized her cupcake recipe. I read a blog about a lady who let her kid do "baking" as a high school elective. I think we would go broke buying flour and sugar if that happened at our house.
  • The kids tried to find the neighbors today to play, but they were still doing school. I worked on some garage sale stuff. Whitman went home with Nonna and Pops after school. Since I had Bunko tonight, Pops came over to pick up Campbell and Keaton because everyone else had soccer practice.
  • Soon afterwards, the others were loading up for practice. This was actually picture day which is kind of funny since the kids have never put on their uniforms before. We did find out today that we are going to get to make up one game on a Sunday afternoon.
  • I headed off to Bunko-we ate at Whole Foods, which was a fun little change. Robby took the others to practice. After they picked up supper, they picked up the littles. Once everyone was home it was showers and bed. 

April 15, 2018

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  • The boys were up first of course. I was pretty worried that the girls would never wake up this morning since they were still going strong last night at midnight. I went upstairs and the first thing Keaton told me was that she had lost her tooth last night. I was fully prepared to start looking for it, but she had it on the shelf. I asked her when she lost it while trying to prepare my answer on why the tooth fairy didn't pick it up. Thankfully, the tooth came out at 6:04. I asked her if she told anyone, and she answered that she woke Camryn up to tell her. I am sure that Camryn was thrilled with being woken up for the news.
  • Surprisingly, the girls did move quickly enough this morning. Graham went to town on finishing off yesterday's Amish oatmeal. I did get a few bites of the crumbs left in the pan after I was ready. Whitman barely got his breakfast since I am almost out of cheese for his morning grilled cheese sandwiches. I am not sure why cheese wasn't on my list while I was at the store yesterday, but that is usually how my list goes.
  • We made it to church on time this morning. Whitman did go off with Reagan and Camryn to put her bag up. Reagan then said that Whitman ran off from them headed toward us. We were already seeing Nonna and Pops. Reagan said that she saw Whitman leave but she did come and check to make sure that he found us which of course he didn't have any problem doing.
  • After church, the kids ran off to their Sunday school classes. Robby and I had nursery duty which was incredibly easy today. Afterwards, Robby picked up our kids, and we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch.
  • Everyone ate and played for a bit, then the kids headed off to Dana's house to give their new puppies some loving. After a bit, we picked them up, and headed home for our naps! Unfortunately, Robby and I are the only ones who value Sunday afternoon naps as we should. The kids were fairly quiet, and we only had to answer a few questions about texting the neighbors, having a snack, watching youtube and a few other things. We were still able to nap really well though.
  • Afterwards, we folded our weekend mound of laundry before cleaning out the fridge to find our supper. Everyone ate, and then the kids did some of their tomorrow's school work. Hopefully, that will make our load a bit lighter tomorrow.
  • Next up was watching a Bates and eating ice cream before bedtime. I am just hoping that the tooth fairy remembers to deliver Keaton her tooth fairy money tonight!

April 14, 2018

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  • Another Saturday morning waking up before 6:30 checking our phones to see if we were going to have soccer. I was seconds away from putting on my clothes and had already thought about which outfit I was going to grab from the floor of our closet and put on when Robby said that soccer was cancelled. 
  • I was a bit surprised, again this week, but I am sure that the fields were indeed very wet this morning. Before long, our afternoon birthday party was also cancelled due to the rain. So Robby and I took full advantage of one more Saturday morning and used it very wisely; though some would disagree. We went on back to sleep and stayed in bed until 10. It was wonderful.
  • The kids were up around 7, and a few did migrate into our room for a bit. They made their own breakfast and soon ended up outside. Now, the mud was just calling their names. Just imagine lost of barefoot children standing in the mud pile shoveling out water. It made for lots of fun for them but did make me a bit crazy since I spent most of that time running from door to door shouting, "don't come in my house like that."
  • During this time, Robby cut all of the boys' hair along with his own. Then after his shower, he went out to hose off the kids before they came in. After Robby hosed them off, I made sure that they were more thoroughly hosed off in the showers. 
  • Somewhere during this time, I started on a new recipe, Amish oatmeal. I didn't have milk so I had to stop in the middle. After Keaton's shower, she worked on a recipe. Right now she loves to look in Pinterest and find recipes to print out. So today she made one-it was easy and pretty good. 
  • After we finished, it was nearly 1. The kids grabbed lunch, and then we took Cash home. Before we dropped him off, we stopped by Tacos for Life to use some of our free cheese dip coupons from yesterday. Cash, Graham and Keaton gobbled down some cheese dip while Robby and I did the same in the front seat.
  • Before we made it home, we ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things-a few things from the grocery store! I say that but I never seem to just get a few things from the grocery store. Once at home, we threw the groceries in the house and then headed to the Raymar Food Truck Festival.
  • It was lots of fun though we had to wait a very long time for most of our food. I bought myself some tomato soup which was incredibly spicy. That was fine though on this chilly evening. I also bought mac and cheese and a grilled bologna and cheese. Robby waited for nearly an hour for a pork sandwich which was mediocre. I then bought two cannoli which I waited for over 30 minutes. They were pretty good (the cheesecake one was the best). On the way to the food truck thing, Anderson was discussing that he wanted to make cannollis so I gave him the rest of mine after Robby and I had eaten a few bites.
  • They were supposed to have inflatables there, but the wind prevented that. There was still plenty to do. Everyone but Whitman ran off to play and had a really good time. Whitman hung near Grannymom and Grandpa since Robby and I spent so much of our time in line.
  • Afterwards, we headed home along with Camryn. The Wilsons arrived at our house just as I had finished my Amish oatmeal and shoved it in the oven. Anderson used Brett as one of his science experiment subjects.
  • Then we turned on The Greatest Showman movie. All of us were gathered in the living room to watch it. Whitman just couldn't help himself and would break out in song during the movie. At one point, he just had to get up and dance. It is still a pretty good movie but this time I did miss a bit while passing out at least 6 bags of popcorn. 
  • After the movie, we, of course, needed some ice cream to wash that popcorn down. The kids had their ice cream before the girls showered. Then it was finally bedtime for my crew. It was a pretty great day.

April 13, 2018

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  • I knew that we needed to leave at 11 today, and I thought that surely we would have plenty of time to do everything that we needed to do this morning since we weren't doing our school. Gracious though, I just don't know where the time went.
  • We had our breakfast while I read some. Then we moved to my bedroom so I could read some history, a few books about our upcoming trip and then we worked on a packet from one of the National Parks. 
  • When we finished that, Anderson and Campbell started on their leftover school work from yesterday while Whitman worked with me on his school work. Reagan worked a bit on her science fair chart, and then she joined everyone else working on their chores.
  • Soon, it was 10:45, and I decided that the kids needed something to eat before we left so I pulled out our leftover pizza from yesterday. The kids gobbled it down and then jumped in the car.
  • We zoomed on to Conway to join our other homeschool buddies at a Taco for Life food packing event put on by Feed My Starving Children. Our little group of 15 kiddos and 4 mommas packed 15 boxes of food. The group total was 304 boxes of food which was 65 thousand meals and will feed 179 kids for a year. 
  • Overall, the kids worked hard. All of the big kids wanted to be the person that puts the packed bags into the boxes so they took turns doing that. Campbell was the most unsatisfied of the crew bouncing from job to job. I finally told her that this was the second time for me to pack food, and I have only had one job every single time. I continued by adding that I would like to do something else to but the day is not about me since I have plenty of food and am not going hungry. This did appease her some and by the way, I didn't mind my job.
  • I was the sealer which was a job that an adult had to do. Whitman was my helper, but he also spent a lot of time handing bags of food to the person putting them in the boxes. Actually, most of his time was spent dancing the loud music playing. He really wanted to help put the rice or veggies in the bags but even standing on a stool, he was just too small to reach.
  • I was over near the bigger kids, Whitman, plus my boys and all the 6th graders. We stayed pretty busy but that left the other 3 mommas and all of the smaller kiddos on the other side of the table. I saw Keaton one during the entire time so I know that they had put her to work. 
  • After all of our hard work, I rewarded everyone with Sonic on the way home. It rained a bit on the way home, but soon the weather cleared. This afternoon was pretty busy too since Campbell and Anderson finished their chores before Campbell and I finished her science fair project. Reagan also made 3 more batches of cupcakes later this afternoon.
  • At 6, Robby took the boys to basketball and the rest of us went to the Wilson's house. I took chips and salsa along with that leftover pizza. We ate on that while watching the weather until Robby went to pick up the boys plus Cash. 
  • We then stayed at the Wilson's house until 11. The weather folks thought for sure that we would have some pretty bad weather, and since the Wilson's have a tornado room we just waited there until it the storm was pretty much over. Once we made it home, the boys had their showers and then it was bedtime for everyone. Hopefully, we have soccer tomorrow but with all of the rain that we are getting right now, I just don't know,

April 12, 2018

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  • Whitman was in his usual spot this morning when I walked down the hall; he was sitting on my desk watching Minecraft videos. That little guy is pretty obsessed. He did stop briefly to put on his school clothes and to pick out his breakfast. His breakfast of choice continues to be a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Since the toaster oven and bread were still out after Whitman headed to school, I decided to make cinnamon toast for breakfast. I had read how the Pioneer Woman makes her cinnamon toast so that is what we did. Now, I probably should have put mine under the broiler for a bit longer but I sure didn't want to burn the bread. We go from having lots of bread to no bread at all. Even after my 12 pieces of toast that I made this morning, we still do have a loaf left to eat.
  • Afterwards, we started on our school work. Everyone was going to leave with Robby today to pick up Whitman so they had to really get things done quickly. Of course, some of my kiddos did and others still have leftover work to do tomorrow. (No school tomorrow just a catch up morning since we are going to Conway to pack food at noon.)
  • At 11, the kids left and I ran around the house trying to finish a few things off of my list. Robby took the kids to pick up lunch which was much more than they expected. After lunch, they ran and got their weekly Dairy Queen Blizzard. 
  • Once at home, the girls finished going through their drawers so I have now switched over everyone to summer clothes. Though Reagan and Campbell are lacking on clothes so shopping is now in my future. Urgh! 
  • Anderson worked some on his science fair project while Whitman and I worked on his reading book today. It is going slow, but we are making progress. At least I hope that we are!
  • Around 4, the neighbors came over to play. So the kids played outside until it was time for Keaton, Campbell and Whitman to go to soccer practice. Robby took them tonight since I took everyone else to Refresh at church.
  • After soccer, Robby and his crew ate supper at Chuck E Cheese. This was what Whitman had waited for all day long. They all had fun and played enough games to earn a few pieces of candy! They had a great time.
  • My crew at Refresh also had lots of fun. They were able to go outside twice during, and then when I picked them up, they played outside in the gaga pit with their buddies for another half hour. They so want a gaga pit in the yard-maybe someday, and then when they are finished with it, I can use it as a raised garden.
  • Once at home, everyone had to have showers, and then they just had a few minutes before it was finally bedtime!

April 11, 2018

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  • First thing I remembered bout this morning was Graham getting his lunch out of the fridge. I told him that it wasn't even 8 yet, and we could keep it in the fridge for a bit longer. He looked at me, looked at the fridge and shook his head. He put his lunch in the ice chest even though I protested that everyone else's lunch was still in the fridge. I guess he didn't think that I would remember his lunch after my two week track record of forgetting his. Guess what though, I did remember his lunch and everyone else's. 
  • It did take us a while to load up this morning with all of our Bibles, books, Campbell's snacks and Graham's snack. Graham was pretty pleased with his chocolate covered oreos and even happily passed them out in the car on the way to the park and still had leftovers for us to eat during history this afternoon. I guess we tend to overbake. Campbell also brought home a whole cinnamon struesel pizza which we shared with our friends at the park. I would rather have too much than not enough.
  • After our lunch, we ran by Kroger where I did some speed shopping. Actually, Campbell, Keaton and I ran in to buy chocolate for Campbell's science fair project and muffin liners for Reagan's project. 
  • Once at home, we did our history, Anderson finished his hog Lego helmet, Whitman did some school and then the work in the kitchen began. Campbell's experiment is to see which type of chocolate, milk, dark or white, melts the quickest. So we melted chocolate on the stove and in the microwave. This led to lots of melted chocolate so we had lots of chocolate covered pretzels for snack tonight.
  • Reagan's also started on her project which is making cupcakes but each time she does, she is omitting an ingredient to see what happens. Today, she made a batch of cupcakes that followed the recipe. Keaton helped Reagan the entire time that they worked. After the regular cupcakes baked, she made a batch with no flour and no sugar. Needless to say, they were not really edible at all. The no flour cupcakes were like egg syrup and the no sugar cupcakes were like pizza dough. She still has 6 more batches to make. Eeek! Meanwhile, Anderson was upstairs working on his video game experiment. I do like being busy but goodness, I felt like I was running a race this afternoon.
  • Before I was ready, it was time to start making supper. I threw some popcorn chicken in the oven and mac and cheese on the stove. We ate quickly and then hopped to library. Then it was time for church. Campbell and Graham sang in the old folk service. I was able to see them sing.
  • Then the first through 6th graders had a night of worship. Since my preschoolers were on the playground, I was even able to go to that tonight. It was really good, and I left pretty proud of my kiddos. Campbell didn't feel too well (allergies, I hope) but she did the right thing and participated. Both my boys were sitting my guys that could have been very distracting, but they also did the right thing and paid attention. I am sure that Reagan was doing the right thing on the front row but I couldn't really see her well. 
  • So to reward my crew for all of this, I let them play on the playground for a while before heading home. Once at home, we a had a quick snack, and the kids stayed up for a bit watching a basketball game. Eventually, it was bedtime and tomorrow will be another busy day around here so everyone needed plenty of sleep.

April 10, 2018

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  • Even though we had 6 doughnuts left over from last night along with banana bread and a few bananas, I still made muffins this morning for the kids' breakfast. They had asked for muffins yesterday but it was Monday so that didn't happen. I just had two packages so they still finished off my donuts but no one touched my banana bread or bananas.
  • Whitman headed off to school today. He wasn't too ready to leave since he was in the middle of "making a world." That boy is obsessed with Minecraft right now. I probably need to figure out how to teach him to read using Minecraft.
  • After breakfast, we did our school work and even had some time for work on science fair projects. Seriously, why in the world would a group of homeschool moms decide to do a science fair. What in the world were we thinking? Sometimes we just make life too difficult. Thankfully, we are still 3 weeks out from our science fair date, and only have 3 projects left to do.
  • Graham worked on his Bible study snack before we had lunch. We dipped Oreos in white chocolate. After lunch, Campbell worked on her Bible study snack, cinnamon strusel pizza. Then we worked on Campbell and Reagan's clothes switch over. They only had 2 bins to look through. Campbell did grab a few things (nothing that I was really excited about) but Reagan only put two pairs of long shorts (needed for the mission trip) into her drawers. I told her that she could make a list of things that she needed, and we would have to start shopping.
  • I worked on painting the drawers some more and thankfully, I am done. I think that they are finished and perfect but even if they are not, I am still done. I walked on the treadmill while the kids were outside. Poor Keaton fell down so I had to stop and bandage her up. It took a while to calm her down but everyone helped-Graham retrieved her bike, Anderson brought paper towels, Campbell talked to her-it was a group effort.
  • The kids were outside until almost 8. Whitman and Robby weren't home until late as well so I was in no hurry for supper. After the kids' showers, I did finally get it on the table about 8:15-roasted carrots and roasted green beans, grilled chicken and biscuits. `He! It was a healthy meal and people still ate it.
  • The kids just had a bit of time before it was bedtime. My Graham and Whitman were still going strong after lights out-I may or may not have just threatened the front porch as where they would be going next if they continued talking.

April 9, 2018

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  • Monday morning and the usual sleepers were still sound asleep-the girls. I did call them on the google, and Campbell did come down the stairs soon. A bit later was Keaton, and one more google intercom and one yell up the stairs finally brought her down the steps to join us at breakfast.
  • Whitman had already left for school with Robby this morning. He was excited because it was Nonna day, it was outside classroom day and because he had on his new Minecraft t-shirt. He was also thrilled that I made him grilled cheese for breakfast. I figure grilled cheese is just as good as anything else, and since it takes no time to make in the toaster oven, that is what he got.
  • Lately, I have become a bit obsessed with our library book total. I am back up to 60 or so books which is still down from our usual school year total of 90-100. I am trying to finish up our history library books along with all of our books about our trip. Also Keaton is reading an easy reader each day to me so I still have lots of books out. My goal is to have less than 10 out when we leave on our trip. I have a basket full of books to return right now, but I also have 25 more books on hold at the library. It is never ending cycle-which I love.
  • School went pretty well.  Reagan, Anderson and Campbell all worked a bit on their science fair projects. I do feel a bit bad for Reagan this week since she is slammed with lots of writing from her writing curriculum. We are really close to finishing so I am pushing her a bit so she will finish. Graham and Anderson use the same type of program (different levels). Graham is done with his, and Anderson has so much more to do that I just don't even think we will try to finish it.
  • I read quite a bit during lunch, and then we started on our chores. The kids did help me get some green beans ready for tomorrow's supper and peel the paint off of my never ending drawer project. (Those drawers did need lots of sanding and a coat of primer before the paint worked properly.)
  • Keaton and I did work on changing over her clothes. It took a bit longer than I would have liked since she had 5 bins to go through. She is in between two sizes so that is why she had the extra bins. We gathered so many shirts that could fit her that we had to narrow some of them down. Though there are still more than 100 shirts in her drawer.
  • We eventually kicked the kids out of house for a bit. They played outside until the big 3 headed for soccer practice. Robby said that they all did good. Reagan played so hard that she had to sit down-she said she was about to pass out. Graham and Anderson played hard as well, and they were all rewarded with Chick Fil A for supper and then doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts.
  • Meanwhile back here, my crew had frozen pizza and cookies. We barely cleaned up the kitchen and had finished showers when the others came back home. They then had their showers, and everyone had just a bit of time on their ipads before bed.