2015 Dennie Resolutions

Here are our long awaited 2015 Dennie Resolutions:

1. Take the family to Play putt-putt.
2. Hike to the top of Pinnacle with the family.
3. Weight 185 or less by this time next year.

1. Exercise 3x per week/Weigh about 10 pounds less than I do now.
2. Prepare our weekday lunches ahead of time.
3. Have better posture.
4. Go to bed earlier/Read more.
5. Use a cookbook once each month.
6. Do something generous each month.

1. Learn how to make desserts.
2. Drink more milk.
3. Go rock climbing.
4. Train for Run with the Son.
5. Plan the girls' bedroom.

1. Play putt putt.
2. Play flag football.
3. Learn cursive.
4. Climb to the top of Pinnacle.
5. Train for Run with the Son.
6. Go to Big Rock.
7. Make breakfast for everyone.

1. Learn a different language.
2.  Train for Run with the Son.
3. Go to Play Time Pizza.
4. Make breakfast for everyone.

1. Drive bumper cars.
2. Finish her reading book.
3. Learn to count to 100.
4. Go to Disney.
5. Make sandwiches for everyone.

1. Learn the alphabet.
2. Learn to count to 20.

3. No more pull ups at night.

1. Learn animal names and sounds.
2. Talk more (suggested by the kids and not me.)
3. Learn to sit still and quiet.
4. Start learning how to potty.

And here are the Dennie resolutions from last year and more importantly how we did last year:

1. Lose 40 pounds in 40 weeks. (Accomplished: He did but he has gained some of it back.)
2. No cokes for 5 days a month. (Failed)
3. Take the family camping. (Accomplished: June 3)

1. Exercise 2 times a week. (Better than some years but not exactly perfect.)
2. More reading and less electronics for the kids and me. (Failed)
3. Learn how to make bread. (Halfway: I have learned how to make bread but I am not too good at it!)

1. Learn how to write in cursive. (Accomplished)
2. Learn how to make breakfast or lunch for everyone. (Failed but I never really gave her the opportunity.)
3. Play a game with the whole entire family. (Accomplished)

1. Learn how to write in cursive. (Failed. He will learn that this year in school.)
2. Play putt-putt. (Accomplished: August 25)
3. Go to Disney World. (Failed: We plan on going in 2015)
4. Play a sport. (Accomplished: Soccer and Football)
5. Have all happy days until next Happy New Year. (He said this was a fail but I deem it is accomplished)

1. Play any kind of sport. (Accomplished: Soccer and Football)
2. Go to Disney World. (Failed)
3. Play putt-putt. (Failed: Robby said that if it had been warmer today we would have gone today to mark that off of a few lists.)

1. Learn the alphabet including the sounds they make. (Accomplished: Thanks Ms. Stacy.)
2. Learn numbers. (Accomplished)
3. Play putt-putt. (Failed)
4. Learn to swim as well as the others. (Accomplished)

1. Play putt-putt. (Failed)
2. No more diapers. (Failed-still where them at night but they are only occasionally wet now.)
3. Learn the alphabet. (Failed-mainly my fault for not working with her though.)

1. Learn to walk. (Accomplished)
2. Learn to say "mama." (Accomplished)

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