January 5, 2015

"Reading" together!
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  • This first day back in the swing of things and we did pretty well this morning. Robby and I were the first ones awake but that just meant that I had to wake up every single one of my babies. Thankfully, they did wake up fairly well and even though there were some bad attitudes Campbell was dressed and we were all able to eat breakfast together before she headed to school.
  • I think my Campbell was ready to get back to school today but I don't think that I was really ready.  My friend just wrote and said that she was thinking about schooling all year long-I just don't think that I am cut out for that!  I need a break probably more than the kids.  
  • Graham was the wild card during school today-I seriously do not know what I am going to do about how he holds his pencil and his handwriting.  Anderson wasn't too far behind but he and Reagan spent quite a bit of time playing with Whitman.  But I will admit when he wants to play with you, he grabs your hand and takes you to where he wants for you to sit and then he pats the floor.  It is pretty hard to refuse the cute little guy. 
  • We worked on our together work and I didn't put Whitman to bed for his morning nap as I did before our Christmas break.  He did fine-I just had to read louder! I was afraid that if he had a morning nap then he wouldn't have a great afternoon nap and I needed some quiet time this afternoon!  
  • We had our lunch-I tried to be prepared with my lunch today and I did have everything ready but I still don't have many better ideas than that to make lunch time run more smoothly.  I was going to freeze some sandwiches but we are out of mustard so that will have to wait.  After lunch, we didn't really have any chores to do so everyone played until nap time.  
  • Then during nap time, my Whitman happily slept, my Keaton also went to sleep, Reagan and Anderson built a lego creation while I sat by Graham on the couch while he watched some show on Robby's ipad.  Then they watched movies and I started on supper.
  • Soon Robby and Campbell were home and by this time of the day, everyone was wild, wild! We survived a noisy supper time and the kids pretty much played upstairs and then came downstairs and hung out with us until bedtime.  No one was really happy about bedtime coming tonight before a movie and without a snack (gasp) but we need to get back in a routine of going to bed early.  Do you think that 5:30 is too early of a bedtime for the kids?  I didn't think so either! 

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