January 25, 2015

Sunday night means everyone screams for ice cream!

(click here for today's pictures)

  • It didn't take too long to get ready this morning and soon we were on our way to church.  I did manage to do a pretty awesome bun on Reagan's hair today so I went to church pretty proud of myself. It even stayed in a bun until we had to get ready for church tonight.  She did have to teach me how to do a bun before I managed to do it.  My strength is just not in doing hair-maybe I should take some classes!
  • Campbell was the most still she has been in church today.  That little girl had on a sweater and skirt today and she was so adorable.  But probably because I had told her how adorable she was she become pretty self conscience and told me she didn't want to wear that outfit tonight.
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house.  We ate and then the kids had time to play.  Robby did take Graham to Walgreens to pick up some wart medicine.  He has one on his hand and we treated it once but it didn't get better so we shall try again.
  • Even though Robby had wanted to stop taking naps on Sunday afternoons, he appeared in his pajamas pants so I guess he changed his mind!  There is nothing better than Sunday naps-seriously, nothing at all-even though it makes us a bit frazzled when trying to get back to church for choir, naps are still so wonderful!
  • I skipped my meeting tonight and hung out with Robby, Keaton and Whitman in the bookstore. The kids spent most of the time cleaning the chairs and tables with wipes.  Whitman was more interested in those wipeys than the cookie Robby had bought for him so I finished off his cookie for him!
  • Church and then home for ice cream truck.  The kids did help us with the laundry first-they were so excited about helping!  Ha!  Our Sunday laundry pile wasn't as big today as it was last Sunday but it was still pretty massive.  Thankfully with our many hands, our work was light-it would have been lighter if Whitman would have gotten out of the laundry basket or if he would have left the piles of folded laundry alone!  

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