January 3, 2015

Taking brother for a spin!
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  • Graham was STARVING this morning.  We didn't really believe him since we made him come and tell us about 3 times before we finally worked on breakfast.  I don't think that he was really "starving" since he only ate half of his breakfast before he ran upstairs.
  • What was so inviting upstairs you ask?  Well, any thought of football makes the boys want to play football upstairs.  I guess that I should be thankful that the boys can play their version of football in our house.  Of course those 2 boys running upstairs makes you think that the ceiling is going to cave in.  
  • After the game, they joined the plasma car race happening downstairs.  This is what Campbell, Reagan and Whitman had been doing.  It is a dangerous thing-one or maybe 2 kids push one or maybe 2 riders seated on the plasma car.  No, it isn't dangerous for them, it is dangerous for anyone that casually walks through the kitchen and if you aren't wearing shoes than disaster will be in your future.
  • Before lunch, we left for a few errands.  The first stop was Walmart to pick up a few things. We all got out at that stop and the kids were quite pleased that they convinced Robby to buy them some cereal but I was disappointed that I didn't find any Christmas clearance left that I wanted to buy.
  • Next stop was a return at Home Depot from our lighting project and then to another grocery store for a quick mystery shop.  The kids are used to this and no one complains about sitting in the car watching movies.  I did some people watching myself (as well as phone watching)-I did see a lady that was a hundred years old if she was a day driving by my big white van.  I thought for sure she was going to try to park by us and hit us.  Thankfully she was just driving with her blinker on and had no intention of turning by us.
  • We then picked up Keaton at Nonna and Pops' house.  I do believe that she was quite pleased with all of her time there.  She slept until after 9 this morning and then requested grilled cheese for breakfast (and got it!)  That little stinker loves her some undivided attention but she did miss her momma because she pretty much didn't leave my side all afternoon long.
  • Once at home, Robby whipped up lunch-hot dogs and cheese dip and then, the boys watched the ballgame, I unwrapped more lights on the Christmas tree (and finally finished), Whitman napped, Keaton and Campbell tried to help me and would follow me or even Robby around and Reagan moped around until we finally let her watch a movie.
  • The rest of the afternoon was spent doing pretty much nothing by anyone-this is our last free day of our holidays and that makes me pretty sad but it really depresses Robby.  He is going to have to drown his sorrows with the rest of our cookies and creme ice cream from the New Year's Eve taste off. 
  • I poured the kids soup for supper-tomato and chicken noodle.  Everyone wanted to drink their soup with straws so I was fine with that.  I even thought I would give Whitman his soup in a cup with a straw.  He tried it and then just started trying to wipe it off of his tongue.  Then I changed lids and made his straw a sippy cup and that didn't go over too well either.  My last attempt was feeding it to him the traditional way, with a spoon, but by this time he was finished with me and my soup!
  • After showers, we watched Cool Runnings with the kids.  I had never seen that movie so I was just as interested as them.  Again someone said that they were starving during the movie, so Robby said that they could get a cereal bar.  Of course someone, Reagan this time, didn't like that option-if they could all just like the same things my life would be so much simpler.  I should erase their other New Year's resolutions and write that one down for the kids.  
  • Wish us luck tomorrow morning-church morning and we will have to wake up about 2-3 hours earlier tomorrow than we have woken up any this week. I better set an alarm or two or three! Maybe you could just text us in the morning to make sure that the Dennies will be up.

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