January 27, 2015

Adilyn Comes for a Play Date!

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  • When Keaton gets in bed with us in the mornings, she will sometimes say "don't get up yet" if we start to sit up or try to get out of bed.  Of course, who could resist that so we probably stayed in bed a bit longer than usual but we managed to get Campbell ready so she could eat breakfast with us before heading to school.
  • She was so excited about going to school because this was the day that Adilyn was coming over.  Of course that meant that we had to hurry, hurry around here so we could finish our school work and pick up those girls.  
  • During school today, I sat right next to Whitman while he played with his toys and Keaton sat in my lap or next to me and I worked with the big 3 one at a time doing their school work.  I remember the story of my mom telling my brother when he was playing at her feet and she was rocking me that she wished she could stop time.  This morning was one of those days for me-if I could have only stopped time.  But that moment only lasted for a bit and soon things fell apart. 
  • The kids were pretty motivated and we even had time to straighten the house a bit and do our together work (speed version) before leaving to get Campbell and Adilyn.  As soon as they got into the car, they didn't stop talking and they went as fast as they could all afternoon long.
  • When we came home, the boys found their kindles and started playing with them and Reagan and Keaton started working on a craft project for Campbell and Adilyn.  Then we had lunch and the girls helped me make some cupcakes.  While those were cooking, Reagan led all of the little girls in her craft project that she created-a paper plate caterpillar.  
  • My Reagan stepped it up today and she was my mini cruise director.  She kept those girls entertained and was the one who lined up activity after activity for them.  The second big activity she had prepared was the hair salon-Keaton and Reagan let Campbell and Adilyn comb their hair and spray their hair for a long, long time.  
  • During all of this time, my Whitman wanted to take a shower.  I don't really like him taking one by himself so I asked Graham to take one with him and he gladly helped out.  Later during the day, Whitman was telling me to sit as I was trying to get stuff out of the oven and Anderson stepped up and sat down with him to play as I worked.
  • Then everyone came downstairs to decorate and eat a few mini cupcakes.  I was pretty proud of myself since the cupcakes were a pinterest project-those little cupcakes were made out of ketchup cups.  The kids loved decorating the cupcakes with icing and sprinkles-it was quite a mess.
  • Soon everyone went outside and played until Adilyn's mom came to pick her up.  My crew raked some leaves trying to earn a Kindle game and then we all came back inside.  Everyone needed showers so that was first on the agenda and then a bit of quiet time/movie time before heading to a party tonight.
  • When Robby came home, we loaded up and headed to Lily's birthday party.  It was a doctor birthday party and everyone brought animals to doctor.  They had bandaids, shots, clipboards, gauze, cotton balls and tons of other things to work on the animals.  Keaton, Whitman and Campbell really got into the doctoring of their animals and Graham was the most happy to find out that everyone got to take their clipboards home with them.  It was lots of fun and the kids had a really good time-though it took me forever to get the bandaids off of Keaton's animal. 
  • As soon as we made it home, it was bedtime for the crew-my people were tired tonight!  

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