January 1, 2015

He Loves His Big Brother!
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  • There is just something about hotel room sleeping-even though we weren't in a hotel room last night, with everyone sleeping in the bonus room it sure seemed like it.  It might have been because Robby had hung sleeping bags over the window so the sunlight wouldn't bother us. And that sunlight didn't bother us at all-Keaton's cough did wake us up briefly at 8:30 and she coughed for about 30 minutes.  I had Keaton climb on the couch with me and Campbell did too but we all managed to fall back asleep until 10:30.  I told you our party last night was wild, wild!  We were just catching up on all of that missed sleep!
  • When you do wake up at 10:30, that doesn't leave much time to get ready.  I didn't think that we should give the kids breakfast since we were going to leave for lunch at Grannymom's house as soon as we had our clothes on but I knew documenting that in the blog tonight wouldn't go over too well so we did feed them a bit of a breakfast while warning them "I want you to eat a good lunch at Grannymom's house."
  • The kids must have still been hungry because the boys devoured Grannymom's quiche and pretty much all of the kids liked her hog jowl (or bacon as we called it.)  After lunch, we hung around the kids played for a while before we loaded up to come home.
  • At home, Whitman had his nap and Keaton laid down for about 20 minutes before getting up.  I worked on that Christmas tree and still have a few more days to work but I probably will never buy a prelit tree even if it is dirt cheap!  Now if you were going to give me your old tree, I will think about it because that kind of is a different story.
  • Soon it was supper time so we pulled out leftovers.  I don't think it was a hit but no one really complained and as soon as they had finished, everyone scurried upstairs and then they played peacefully until bedtime-or not!  They actually played peacefully for about 2.3 seconds so Robby found a movie for us to watch-Shrek.  My kids hadn't ever seen it so we watched it.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it-except maybe for Whitman because he would run up to the tv and yell "stop, stop" whenever the movie became loud. 

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