January 11, 2015

Growing up!
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  • At 4, Whitman woke up and he was not too happy.  I assumed that he was wet, wet but when I went in there carrying a diaper and new clothes, he was pretty dry.  I got him out of bed and Robby came in and we talked to him for a bit. Finally, we decided that he must be hungry since he really didn't have much of a supper so we gave him some milk (he fell asleep before finishing his bedtime milk) and the baby was sleeping soundly in minutes.
  • Of course, even though it was 4 I looked out the window and even called the weather (yep, I'm old school like that) to check the accurate temperature but nope, nothing.  So I went to bed hoping that the temps would drop and the rain would come-my kids so wanted it to do something wintry.  I don't think they just wanted to miss church but they really wanted to do church here like we did another Sunday when it was icy.  Alas, after seeing that there was no wintry weather I started hitting snooze on my phone time and time again.
  • After about an hour of us avoiding getting up, we finally did-Robby fed the kids while I showered and then I dressed them while he showered.  By the time we had everything picked up from the morning, it was time to leave for church.  My sweet Campbell can NOT sit still in church-it has almost become comical to me how wiggly she is-I am sure the folks behind me probably don't even notice but I sure do.  Now the folks in front of me probably noticed her-her singing.  She was singing her little heart out, singing the words with all her might and she might possibly have been a bit loud.  I didn't say anything to her since she was busy praising which I loved but we will probably need an empty pew in front of us next week.
  • The plan was to go and eat with some other Sunday school teachers but they bailed so we just went home and had hamburgers and watched the sad Cowboys game.  Graham wasn't cheering for the Cowboys so he enjoyed the game more than Anderson.  I don't really know why he wasn't cheering for the Cowboys-I guess he has to spread his wings a bit and be different.  
  • I worked with my new cricut machine all afternoon and so did my crafting buddy, Robby.  He helped me out and did quite a bit of encouraging.  The kids napped and watched tv and before we knew it, it was supper time.  There was no church tonight because of the possibility of wintry weather (or maybe just the rain) but either way, it was nice to have the evening at home-we cleaned!  Maybe it would have been nicer to go to the church house and not have to work so hard!
  • After cleaning, the little people had showers while the big ones played on their kindles. Showers today, you ask, well Campbell has school tomorrow.  Then we had our ice cream truck and finally a movie about Esther.  After that, it was bedtime for the whole crew-hopefully my Whitman will sleep great tonight.

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