January 22, 2015

Whitman's First Haircut!

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  • Campbell, Graham and Anderson were in our bed first and after a few minutes with them, Robby did get up and start getting ready.  I urged Campbell to put on her clothes and then went upstairs to wake Keaton up.  She was sleeping soundly until I asked if she wanted to take Campbell to school and she popped up out of her bed instantly.  (Wish Reagan would wake up like that!)
  • We had our breakfast and then told Keaton, Campbell and Whitman along with Robby bye as they went to drop of Campbell at school.  It won't be too much longer until Keaton will be the one going to school and Campbell will be here doing kindergarten.  
  • When breakfast was finished, we started school here-Reagan and Graham cuddled by the heater reading and Anderson in the school room working on math.  I had worked with Graham and some with Anderson when the others came back.  Graham was actually finished early enough to entertain Keaton and Whitman some upstairs but mostly everyone was right there with us.  
  • Robby ran to pick up Campbell and when she made it home, the kids went upstairs to play with the big legos.  They had everything laid out so nicely and it looked like they would have a wonderful time...but they didn't!  Reagan, Anderson and Graham were fighting in seconds of being upstairs.  I quickly worked on lunch and called everyone down before anyone was injured in their quarrel!  
  • Everyone calmed down at lunch and soon they were back upstairs playing happily with those legos.  (It probably helped that I told them they would play happily or they would nap the rest of the afternoon.)  They even played so much and so well that I just let them play and never called them down to do science or any of the other together school work that I had laid out on the table to do this afternoon.  
  • Around 2:30, I pulled Whitman out of bed and loaded him into the car along with a bag full of candy, drinks and goodies-it was hair cut day for my beautiful curly headed boy.  Tammy cut my hair first and Whitman silently watched and when it was his turn, I was certainly expecting the worst.  But I had nothing to worry about-that little angel set perfectly and let Tammy cut and cut his hair some more.  I tell people that he is the best baby and seriously, he really is.  He looks so grown up...and I will let you in on a little secret, I did something today that I haven't done for any of the other kids-I saved a lock of Whitman's curly hair (I am becoming one of those moms!)
  • We ran by the store to buy a bit of milk-10 half gallons since they were cheaper than gallons.  And since Whitman saw a box of fish and said "fish," we also bought a box of fish for him to eat on the way home...except I forget to get them out of the bag for him and only thought of it when I heard Nemo talking on the movie.  By then it was too late and Keaton and Campbell helped him eat them when we made it home.
  • The big kids were watching a movie as Robby worked.  They did take great delight in seeing Whitman and started calling him "Little Cash."  I did Campbell's reading book with her and worked on her oral report while Robby finished supper.  Poor Robby had bought some meat for supper and even though it was decent (turkey tenderloin) it wasn't his favorite.  He had a look of disgust on his face the entire time that he was cutting it with the electric knife.  Anderson kept asking "what kind of meat is this? is this turkey?"  Anderson is the only Dennie kid who might possibly grow up to be a vegetarian.  
  • After supper, the kids all stuffed blankets under their shirts and started slamming into each other-we do I even buy toys?  Seriously, I let them do this until I was too afraid that someone was going to get a head injury with all of that craziness going on.  
  • We watched the hogs tonight-the girls had their pom poms and megaphone out and did their best to cheer on those razorbacks.  It was almost bedtime when the game went into overtime-life was so much easier before the kids could read numbers.  We could have just told them that the game was over and sent everyone to bed but now they know better and insist on staying up!  

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