January 15, 2014

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Checking out a Monster Truck before the Big Night Tomorrow!

  • Today was a big day at Campbell's school because everyone brought a bear to class.  They were learning about hibernation so I am sure that there bears were able to hibernate some during the school day.  Keaton and Whitman were able to take Campbell to school and they even stuck around for the songs.
  • I felt like they were gone for a bit longer than usual but we kept plowing along here.  The very first part of the school day it was eerily quiet and everyone was working hard.  That lasted for about 3 minutes and then things got back to normal.  No, seriously, they did pretty good today for a while.
  • My Reagan and Graham always struggle to get along-she likes to tell him what to do and he doesn't like to hear what she is saying and this just leads to trouble.  And that history of trouble just leads to more trouble because they can be on edge around each other.  Now, even though they are the most likely to get into a fight, they also can be the kindest to each other-it happens rarely but I do think that they really do like each other.  But until they can be kind more often to each other, I might just have to make them wear a "get along t-shirt" like I have been reading about.  (A "get along t-shirt" is just a big shirt that I stick both of them in!)
  • Graham got a much needed haircut and was getting out of the shower as I was collecting people to ride with me to pick up Campbell.  Robby was still cutting Anderson's hair but I think that Anderson was pretty happy about being at home alone (with Robby) even for a few minutes.  
  • Campbell was in a good mood when I picked her up until we got home and I passed out leftover chili for lunch.  She wasn't too pleased about that at all but soon got over it when I passed out enough crackers and cheese. 
  • While I was getting that lunch ready, everyone was playing but I hadn't seen Whitman in a few minutes.  I was pretty sure that I was the one who brought him in the house so I did just glance towards the garage to make sure the door was locked-it was (we have to lock it now just to make sure Whitman doesn't go to the garage to play).  I asked Robby who was in his closet office if Whitman was in there and he said no.  I hollered to the girls in the school room and he wasn't in there but they said they had just seen him so then I went to the stairs and asked the boys and he wasn't up there.  That is about the time that I thought that I heard him but then I retraced my steps again walking through the house and asking everyone the same question. Reagan said this time that she thought he was in my bedroom.  I looked and he wasn't in there but then I heard him again-I kept walking and there in my closed shower but Whitman soaking wet and playing with the shower toys.  I did what any good mom would do when her baby is sitting in the cold shower and soaking wet-I went and finished getting lunch ready!
  • After lunch, we all did a bit of house work and soon I was sending Keaton and Whitman to bed. Keaton wasn't too pleased about going to bed until her daddy came up and kissed her goodnight.  That appeased her and she slept soundly-until she came downstairs about 3 hours later and looked at me and said "you left me up there too long."
  • We loaded up when Robby was finished with work and went to see a monster truck.  It was big and I think the kids were impressed with it but all I had were questions-how does the driver get in that truck? how did it get to the gas station? did it drive on the road? does it take up 2 lanes? is it easier to park than my van? Everyone took pictures by the truck and then it was on to walmart to pick up a few things.  
  • Then on to Texas Roadhouse for supper.  They asked if we could squeeze into a booth and we did but just barely.  We couldn't put a highchair in the aisle so that left Whitman in a booster-so Graham, Whitman, Reagan and I sat on one side and Anderson, Campbell, Keaton and Robby on the other side.  I do think that we have grown out of a booth and have graduated to a larger table.  It was a pretty tight squeeze-drinks were spilled at least 4 times but thankfully the lids held, 3 people had to get up and potty (of course 2 of those were sitting on the inside of the booth) and only one child was stabbed in the head with a fork-I call that a successful dinner!
  • We ran a few errands on the way home and then it was time for bed.  The kids put on their pjs and we finished the Old Testament in our Egeirmeyer story book Bible.  I tried to look up how long it has taken us to read that far but the kids can hardly wait to start the New Testament.  

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