January 12, 2015

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All Smiles!

  • Monday and we didn't get up until 7:35-Campbell just barely made it to school in time to be the line leader today.  But even though we woke up later than planned, she still had breakfast before leaving the house.  Since cereal was breakfast, it didn't take too long for her to eat and for the others to eat and get started on school.
  • I do not know what in the world Anderson was doing this morning but it was everything except his school work.  When we finally started on our together work, he still had 4 things left to do.  He didn't start with his math and every day that he doesn't start with his math he just gets behind.  I probably should lay tomorrow's math work on his desk right now so it will be the first thing that he sees.  
  • My Reagan sure presses along during the school day.  One of her assignments is to read a chapter of a book and then summarize the chapter in 2 sentences.  That is usually her last thing that she picks to do so her sentences are just chicken scratch with crazy upper and lower case letters.  Today, I did ask her to go and fix everything and she came back with a pretty perfect paper.  Nice to know that she can fix her work.  
  • Graham possibly may be brilliant-seriously, that child never stumbles when spelling words out loud during his spelling lessons.  Though if he were to write those words, it would be completely unintelligible.  Maybe he is going to grow up to be a doctor.  
  • My Whitman today only wanted to read his book over and over again.  If I have read "Are you Ticklish?" once, I have read it a hundred times today.  He also wants to walk around the house with markers and when we pull out our state and world maps during group time, he wants to write on them with his markers.  I really should stop throwing away all of our markers that don't work anymore and get Whitman his own box of non-writing markers.  
  • And Keaton all she does during school is push her babies around the room dropping them off with the teachers (me or anyone else who will hold one.)  She drops them off and then comes and picks them back up over and over again.  And when we do our together work, she sits like a little lady taking it all in-she probably knows more about Daniel Boone (who we have been reading about in history) than any other 3 year old.
  • Lunch was next-sandwiches but there were no complaints today because we didn't eat sandwiches one time last week (well, maybe on Wednesday at Rock Creek but they didn't eat enough of those to matter.)  Then everyone helped me clean for a bit-we were working on laundry when the power went out.  I sent Reagan to go and check on Whitman-didn't want for him to be in a dark closet and she came back reporting that he was in the toy room sitting playing.  When she walked in, he pointed to the light and said "uh-oh."  
  • Those lights came on and then about 30 minutes later went off again for another 30 or so minutes.  It didn't take much for me to be convinced that without the power on, I was freezing to death.  I guess it was because of the dreary weather outside but I was cold much of the day. When Keaton and Whitman did go to bed for their naps, we played Monopoly Jr. and it was quite a heated game-Reagan was the winner followed by Graham and then me and Anderson. 
  • Afterwards, they watched movies while I did a few chores and soon I woke Keaton up and then I had to wake Whitman up too.  They were both sleeping so soundly-I just hated to wake them up but I knew they needed to wake up so they could sleep tonight.  They joined the others on the last movie but when Keaton asked for Daniel Tiger the big kids left, leaving Whitman and her to watch the movie.
  • Soon Campbell was home along with Robby and we had our supper.  After supper, we really didn't do much at all.  The boys played on their kindles, Reagan read some, Keaton and Whitman played and Campbell talked on an old ipod like it was a telephone.  She did this for at least 30 minutes.  We turned on the game when it came on and watched a bit of that before it was finally bedtime for the crew.  

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