January 26, 2015

Anderson made the most important decision in his life tonight!!

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  • Usually I start with the morning but let's start with the most exciting event of the day: Anderson asked Jesus into his heart!  A few days ago, after reading a Bible story Reagan said that she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart and Anderson quickly said that he wanted to as well. Graham also followed that up with he wanted to also.  And of course, Keaton added that she wanted "Jesus to be in her tummy."  
  • We had never really wanted everyone to do this at the same time like this so we have been careful to talk to the kids at different times.  Robby talked to Reagan first and then I did later but both times she has said that she thought about it and didn't think that she was ready yet.  That is fine with me since maybe she realized that true magnitude of the decision and I know that all of these things are in God's timing and not in our own.  
  • Robby told Anderson that he would talk to him on Saturday and things became busy but Anderson has not let Robby forget that they were supposed to talk.  He even told his Sunday school teachers that he was going to ask Jesus into his heart.  So tonight, we talked to him and Robby asked him question and after question and Anderson truly does understand everything.  So after our conversation, he asked Jesus to save him.  My Anderson was so excited and told everyone in this house (except Whitman who was sleeping) about his decision.  He said that he had to explain it to Keaton because she didn't know what he meant.
  • Now Graham said again tonight that he wants to do that too.  So we will eventually quiz him on what all of this means.  I am pretty sure that he knows all of the answers but he is still pretty young so we shall see.  
  • And now to the boring part of the day-we woke up and not only were Robby and Campbell leaving for the day, so was Whitman.  He always to wants to leave and he always wants to go someplace in Robby's van.  Today was his lucky day-he spent the entire day at Nonna's house.  
  • I think that he had a pretty perfect day and had lots of fun.  Reagan tried to ask him about his day but most of his answers were "no."  When Robby brought him home tonight, he was so exhausted and soon after supper, we went to bed and we never heard a peep out of him.
  • Here during the day, we did school and our together work.  Not having Whitman here allowed me to do a few extra things around the house so I had some free time this afternoon-I even did some treadmill time and started cutting out Campbell's valentines with my new cricut.  She has butterfly valentines and they have lots of holes so it took forever (about 3 hours) to cut all of those butterflies out-I still have some to do tomorrow!  
  • Keaton was a bit lost with out Campbell or Whitman here but she quickly took up with Reagan and they were pretty together most of the day.  I think that it is funny that the girls usually pair up together and the boys pair up too.  
  • Grannymom picked Campbell up from school and she had a big afternoon playing with Lilli and Cash.  And as soon as she walked in the door tonight, Reagan and she started getting things ready for her playdate tomorrow with Adilyn-they have turned the toy room into a hair salon.  Headbands and barrettes are laid out, drawings of different hair styles are shown, the combs and brushes are laid out and the couch up there has been turned into a waiting area.  Robby told me that I better hide my scissors tomorrow just in case!
  • We had left over BBQ for supper-Robby even bought him a bottle of McClards BBQ tonight at the store to enhance our leftover BBQ experience.  After supper, we let the kids play some and then we all sat down and watched a Duck Dynasty before ending our day. 

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