January 6, 2015-Happy Birthday Tara!

Celebrating Tara's 37th Birthday!
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  • My boys woke up right after we did this morning but I had to wake my girls up. And my Whitman was sound asleep this morning-I really hated to wake him up but it was busy day and we had to get started. 
  • Toast and yogurt for breakfast and we were able to all eat and again read our Bible before sending Campbell off to school.  Everyone had to bring a soup can label today and Campbell was pretty excited that her soup label had her name on it!  
  • After breakfast here, the kids started on their school work and I guess since the kids knew today was a special day, they started work and did great.  Seriously, we need to have friends over each day when we finish school.  We probably would have even had time to do our together work this morning but I opted to use the time to straighten for a few minutes before heading out the door to pick up Campbell and the Kamps.
  • We left in plenty of time but after being stopped for about 10-15 minutes for road construction, I had to speed (like turning curves on two wheels-no, not really Mom) to get to church on time. The construction was right by the house and there had been a sign saying to expect delays and they were telling the truth.  There was a lead car and it was probably a good thing because you had to drive in the ditch with a huge hole right beside your car.  I bet they were in a hurry to finish before school was out because the buses could no way have made that detour.
  • The Kamps were at church waiting and Noah and Eden buckled up in the car and then we zoomed on over to the line to pick up Campbell.  Everyone talked and talked the entire way home-the only time they were quiet was when I was off roading it over the construction detour. Once I pulled into the garage, the kids all ran in (someone even took Whitman in) and I just sat in the car and text for a few minutes before getting out.  I debated staying in the car until someone came and looked for me but before I even finished that thought, someone did indeed come and look for me.
  • Immediately, the kids started playing Legos and that gave me plenty of time to fix lunch-leftover, applesauce and cheese dip (I was cleaning out the fridge!) Then I cleaned the kitchen and let the kids play.  Eden and my little girls played Elsa and Anna upstairs the entire time. Noah and my boys played nerf guns and Reagan was a bit left out but did manage to play with the boys some.  She didn't really want to play guns and when she went to play with the little girls, they told her she was too big.  
  • Before too long though, it was time to load up for skating.  Our first stop was dropping Whitman and Keaton off at Grannymom's house.  As soon as I pulled Whitman out of the car, he started waving at his brothers and sisters.  He knew where he was going and Keaton didn't mind at all going into Grannymom's house even though she knew she was not getting to go skating.  I bet she doesn't even know what skating is!
  • It did take me a while to tie all 6 pairs of skates and then we had the size wrong on one so that made 14 skates to lace up.  Anderson started out on the wall but then started zooming around the rink-it wasn't always pretty or graceful but he did well (and will be quite bruised up in the morning.)  Reagan is slow and steady but does better than I could ever do.  Graham is getting the hang of it and doesn't hang on the wall all of the time now.  And Campbell is also improving but with the skate aid she can do really great. 
  • After about 2 laps, the kids said that they were hungry so we pulled out our snacks.  They skated and skated and would come to me begging for more water.  I would give them a drink and they would be so sweaty and hot and I was standing around freezing.  Maybe I should have been out there skating. 
  • At 4, everyone came willingly with me probably because they were pretty tired.  We picked up Keaton and Whitman (who was asleep before we left Grannymom's neighborhood).  Then we dropped off Eden and Noah and headed out to eat-after all it is my birthday!
  • Nonna, Pops, Jason and Robby met us at Pei Wei.  We all ate-the kids didn't eat as much tonight and I would have thought they would have been hungrier after all of that skating. Maybe it was because we forgot to ask for no veggies in their noodles.  Maybe they were saving room for Nonna's cake and Robby's cupcakes.
  • We all went back to Nonna's and Pops' house for cake and presents.  Of course the kids wanted me to open presents first so I did.  Jason gave me a weather radio and Nonna is giving me a shopping trip later this week.  I had asked Robby for some notebooks for all of my lists and to start a prayer journal and he gave me those but he also gave me a cricut.  I am so excited about it but I am pretty nervous-like afraid to open the box!  I will get over it and probably would have dove into it tonight if it wasn't already so late.
  • Then we ate our cakes and cupcakes as we finished watching the basketball game.  The boys were a little surprised that basketball isn't like football and even when you are ahead you can still quickly lose-thankfully that didn't happen tonight and everyone came home happily.
  • Once at home, it was time for showers and of course that didn't go too quickly because the kids could take a warm shower for an hour each-wonder where they get that?  As soon as everyone was almost dry, we put everyone in bed-today was a crazy busy day but a perfect 37th birthday.  

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