January 10, 2015

Merry Christmas Grannymom at Bud Walton Arena!
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  • Last night, the kids were having their ice cream and Reagan whispered to me "I just had a thought, if Campbell and Graham were the ones gone tonight then it would sure be quiet around here." Funny thing was the house was eerily silent all evening long and they weren't gone.
  • With Anderson waking up at Owen's house and Keaton waking up at Grannymom's house, it was still pretty quiet around here this morning.  It was also quiet because we were up a bit earlier than usual for a Saturday morning and my babies weren't moving too quickly.  We finally did get a move on and loaded up for our big day.
  • The first stop was to pick up Anderson from Owen's house.  He saw me walk in and then walked right passed me and headed upstairs-I quickly explained that it was time to go.  That goose, I guess he thought that I was going to chat and he had plenty of time to play.  He had a big time-pizza for supper, lots of pokemon games, slept in his clothes, went to bed around midnight, woke up at 7, blueberry waffles for breakfast-overall, he had a great time.
  • Next stop was to pick up Keaton at Grannymom's house.  She had a big time too and slept well.  As soon as we walked in, Keaton was ready to go and so were Grannymom and Grandpa. Grannymom's Christmas present from us was a trip to a Hogs basketball game. The kids were excited about the day but thought that we weren't going to go but were just driving Grannymom and Grandpa there.  He had gotten G-mom and G-pa tickets earlier. But the kids didn't know that Robby was able to find tickets for us too this week and we would all get to go!
  • Our first stop on the trip to Fayetteville was a bathroom stop and before we knew it, we were all holding our breath while driving through the tunnel.  Robby had been given some great eating suggestions so I jumped out at the first one to see about the wait but it was at least 45 minutes for our party of 10.  Then we went to another establishment and all piled in to wait. The place at 16 tables and 14 parties were in front of us-we had time but we just didn't have a whole lot of time.  So Robby walked to one place but it wasn't an option and then Campbell and him walked to another place (about 3 blocks away) and we could be seated immediately so we went there.
  • Going to the other place involved us braving the arctic blast while coatless (Grannymom and Grandpa did have on their coats and Whitman did manage to take over Grandpa's scarf.)  We briskly hurried those few blocks and thankfully thawed out in the new restaurant.  And it really couldn't have been any better because once we sat down, we saw that kids eat free!  What? Kids eat free? They lost money when we walked in! The kids were ecstatic to all get their own entrees and drinks. 
  • After lunch, Robby drove to Bud Walton arena and pulled into a spot to drop off Grannymom and Grandpa.  Anderson said "I wish we could go to the game" and Robby said "well let's all just go."  The kids looked at him in shock and Anderson said "is this a trick? are you just kidding?"  They were all a little surprised and didn't know what to think as we climbed out and entered Bud Walton.
  • Robby parked and met us inside, while we were waiting the kids were able to look and see the court.  We walked Grannymom and Grandpa to their section and then we found our section. On the way, we did stop to take our picture with Coach Ken Hatfield.  He was very, very nice to the kids and as we were thanking him for taking a picture with us, Campbell walked up to us and said "we didn't think we were coming to the game, we were just bringing our grandparents but we got to come."  He listened so kindly to her and I was quite surprised to see her interact with someone she didn't know.  
  • Robby had said that we would be in the next to the last row and he was right.  We were way, way up high.  So high that Anderson said he was a bit nervous about being that high and added "what if it all crashes down?"  Thankfully, it didn't.  We found our seats, put our coats in them and everyone sat down-me on one end and Robby on the other.  
  • Keaton sat by Robby and did excellent during the game-she watched pretty much all of it. Whitman was mostly on my end but would walk to Robby and on the way would hug the boys. He learned to raise his hands during the hog call and took it all in.  Campbell watched most of the game but we most entertained by the cheerleaders.  Reagan, who usually doesn't like watching basketball at home, really enjoyed everything-even the game.  By the end she was cheering for the hogs.  And my Anderson and Graham-I guess you could say they truly were in hog heaven.  They yelled, they cheered, they clapped, they were totally captivated by the ballgame.
  • When the game was over, we had to walk through the crowd and even though it makes me crazy nervous, I do love looking back to see that my kiddos are taking care of each other.  I saw Graham and Reagan holding on the Keaton's hood to make sure she was where she needed to be.  They may fight and even say mean things to each other but when it does come right down to it, they do love and care for each other.  
  • We used the restroom while Robby brought the car to us and then we fought the traffic and finally made it on the road to home.  We stopped in Morrilton for gas and a potty stop but I do tell you, we ate and drank the entire way home.  I started passing out snacks while we were still in Fayetteville and I was still passing them out when we were in Grannymom's driveway.
  • Whitman was a bit fussy the last bit on the way home but the little guy had only had a short little nap.  At the end, I passed him a cookie and he shook his head telling me "no" and then I passed him a drink and he again said "no" but took the drink.  Once we made it home, Robby unloaded the car while the kids put on their pjs and I put Whitman to bed.  
  • The kids had a blast today and were pretty exhausted when we finally made it home.  I do think that everyone fell asleep immediately.  My Reagan said that she wanted to put today in her scrapbook-love that!

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